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Lea Ellegaard-Jensen

PhD, Microbiology, Tenure Track Forsker

Lea Ellegaard-Jensen


My main research interest is in anthropogenic effects on the natural environment and possible biotechnological solutions, e.g. bioremediation, to minimize these effects. In this context, I also investigate interactions between bacteria and eukaryotes (fungi, protozoa ect.). I am an environmental microbiologist with specific focus on:

•             Environmental Microbiology - especially microbial communities and interactions in soil and (ground)water

•             Molecular Microbiology  - including NG-sequencing and RT-qPCR analysis

•             Biodegradation and bioremediation of organic compounds by bacteria and fungi

•             Biotechnology incl. water purification

•             Environmental pollutants: pesticides, fragrance materials, pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles.

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