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Lea Ellegaard-Jensen

PhD, Microbiology, Lektor, Forsker

Lea Ellegaard-Jensen


In my research, I specialize in molecular microbial ecology, hereunder eDNA, metabarcoding, and High Throughput Sequencing methodologies. I have great experience with applying these molecular approaches in research projects, and in my capacity as Head of the High Throughput Sequencing Center at AU-Roskilde I have expert knowledge into state-of-the-art technology in this area. I conduct and contributed to microbial research into different taxonomical groups incl. prokaryotes, fungi, protists, and vira (bacteriophages) as well as investigations of microbial interactions in different environments.

My great passion for microbial research is based on my attention to the effects of anthropogenic activities on natural ecosystems and the appealing prospects of using microbial agents in green solutions.

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  • Modern DNA Sequencing course

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  • Microbial Water Purification

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  • eDNA

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