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Lars-Erik Meyer

Dr. rer. nat., Postdoc

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Lars-Erik Meyer


  • Institut for Bio- og Kemiteknologi - Industrial Biotechnology - Gustav Wieds Vej 10
Gustav Wieds Vej 10C
Aarhus C

E-mail: lem@bce.au.dk



Institut for Bio- og Kemiteknologi - Industrial Biotechnology - Gustav Wieds Vej 10

Aarhus Universitet

Aarhus C, Danmark

20 mar. 2020 → nu

Research Assistant/PhD candidate

University of Rostock

Rostock, Tyskland



Chemistry, PhD (Dr. rer. nat.), University of Rostock

1 dec. 201628 feb. 2020

Dimissionsdato: 26 aug. 2020

Chemistry, Master of Science, University of Rostock


Dimissionsdato: 1 okt. 2016


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