Lars Jørgen Østergaard

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Lars Jørgen Østergaard

Klinisk lærestolsprofessor

  • Institut for Klinisk Medicin - Infektionssygdomme
Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 99
Krydspunkt E 301
DK-8200 Aarhus N


Telefon: +4578452800


My research focus is subject knowledge in the field of infectious diseases, novelty, initiation, implementation, research management, human resource management, dissemination and societal involvement.


2017Board Governance. Certified Board member education
2005 - 2019Several Leadership courses and educational programs
2000Specialist in Infectious Diseases, Danish Health Authority
2000Diploma in International Health, University of Copenhagen
1995PhD, AU
1990MD, AU


2008 - presentProfessor in Clinical Medicine, AU
2003 - presentChief Physician, Department of Infectious Diseases, AUH
2003 - presentChair, Department of Infectious Diseases in Clinical Medicine, AU
2003 - 2008Associate Professor in Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, AU
2001 - 2003Consulting Physician, Department of Infectious Diseases, AUH
2000 - 2001Senior Registrar, Infectious Disease Unit, The Alfred, Melbourne, Australia


Total number of peer-reviewed publications: 384 (PURE)
Number of first authorships: 2 (2015-2020, Scopus)*
Number of corresponding authorships: 1 (2015-2020, Scopus)*
Number of citations: 9.020 (incl. self-citations, Scopus and SciVal)
H-index: 46 (Scopus and SciVal)

*It is a deliberate strategy in the research group that those who need it most get the opportunity of first authorship and corresponding authorship.


A total of 384 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (including 121 papers as member of various international study groups). Numerous oral and poster presentations internationally. Principal investigator > 50 clinical trials. Supervised >25 PhD students. Received more than 200m DKK in funding.


2006 - presentChairman, research training courses for medical doctors, AU, ~60 contact hours/year
2001 - presentClinical lecturer, Infectious Diseases, AU, ~30 contact hours/year
2001 - presentClinical lecturer, Internal Medicine, AU, ~30 contact hours/year
2000 - presentAppointed Examiner of Internal Medicine, Acute Medicine and Clinical Microbiology (appointed by the Danish Ministry of Education)
2000 - 2001Clinical teaching - Problem Based Learning, Monash Medicial School, Melbourne, Australia
1998Lecturer, infectious diseases at the advanced specialist training courses in Infectious Diseases, Aalborg


PresentNational health committee for the handling of Covid-19, counselor for the Danish Helath Authority (and various committees previously)
2020 - 29 Jan '21Member of the expert group at Foketinget as regards the diagnosing of Covid-19
2016 - presentThe Organisation of Danish Medical Societies (Lægevidenskabelige Selskaber, LVS), board member
2016 - presentThe "PhD Cup" (public dissemination), member of the review committee
2015 - presentTrial Nation (formerly known as NEXT), national medical lead in infectious diseases
2015 - present"Folkeuniversitetet" Aarhus and Emdrup, board member (appointed by AU)
2006 - presentThe Nordic Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (NSCMID), (Board member, president and chariman of the board 2015 - 2019)
2006 - 2016The Danish AIDS Foundation, board member, chairman of the board (2008 - 2016)
2004 - 2012The Journal of Infectious Diseases. Member of the International Advisory Board
1996 - presentThe Danish Society of Infectious Diseases. Board member and honorary treasurer
1994 - 1995The PhD Association, Health, AU: Co-founder and subsequent board member


2019 - presentPincer Biotech ApS, (spinout from AU, co-founder and board member)
2016 - presentDanico ApS (formerly Danico IVS), co-founder and chairman of the board
2015 - 2019VaccineXperten (co-founder and board member), (company sold to Danske Lægers Vaccinationscenter in 2019)
2007 - presentiSD Immunotech ApS (formerly SKAU ApS) spinout from AU, co-founder and board member (2007 - present), chairman of the board (2015 - 2018)


2016 - presentThe AIDS Foundation. Scientific advisory board
2013 - presentThe Danish Regions' Funds for Medicine and Treatment. Scientific board (research funding for clinical research)
2006 - presentThe SSAC-foundation under the Swedish Medical Association (research funding for microbiology and infectious diseases)

PRIZES (dissemination)

2015Research Communication Prize, Danish Council for Independent Research
2015Research Communication Prize, Aarhus University Jubilee Fund


My primary research area is the interplay between the microbe and the host with particular focus on HIV, COVID-19, meningococcal disease, and now leading in to a focus on antimicrobial resistance, which I see as one of the major scientific challenges within the field of infectious medicine. My research activity has resulted in more than 384 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. During the past 10 years, I have fostered a research environment that has expanded to include more than 50 researchers. Furthermore, during this time I have supervised over 25 PhD students and served as opponent for more than 50 PhD and doctoral theses in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Australia. Our department’s research group is currently ranked 7th in the world of infectious medicine clinical research trials. To support our research, we receive approximately DKK 40m annually in research funding. Additionally, I have contributed to several international advisory boards and editorial boards, particularly in the UK, Ireland, the US, Sweden and Norway. The combination of international experience and international co-workers has contributed greatly to the expansion of my international network and my ability to set-up research programs within new scientific areas.


My as well as my group's research has been featured more than 500 times in popular press publications, radio programs and television features. Beyond this, I have taught the principles and skills of science communication to numerous medical and graduate students at AU. These efforts have been recognized by both the Jubilee Foundation and the Danish Council for Independent Research. Together these efforts illustrate my passion for communicating sciences, in particular publicized science, to the general population.In the period 1 January – 31 December 2020, I have been mentioned regarding Covid-19 in 3,757 editorial media (Source: Retriever search). 69 % of all publicity was in web media, 19% in printed media and 12% was in TV/radio. I have delivered an online lecture to >5,000 grammar school students in April 2020 via Zoom, and I will do it again March 2021.