Psykologisk Institut

Lars Hem

Lektor emeritus

Curriculum Vitae


Born 1945 in Oslo


1964 - 1970

University of Oslo,  exams in psychology, physiology and philosophy

1968 -1972

Postgraduate courses in social research at The Institute for Social Research in Oslo


Fil.dr.  (Ph. D.)  in educational psychology from Stockholms University


Licensed Specialist in Psychotherapy, Liensed Supervisor in Psychotherapy


Numerous postgraduate courses in organisational psychology and psychotherapy in Denmark, England, Italy and United States


1968 - 1972

Research assistant at The Institute for Social  Research, Oslo

1972 - 1974

Assistant Professor in Industrial and Organisational Psychology,  Department of Psychology,  University of Aarhus

1974 - 1979

Associate Professor in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of  Aarhus


Research scolarship from University of Aarhus

1979 - 1981

Private practice in psychotherapy

1981 -

Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology,  University of Aarhus


Adminstrative experiences

The administrative experience is mainly from inside the University of Aarhus. I have three times  been head of the Study Board at The Department of Psychology, in1974-76,  1985-86 and 2002. Each times I have  had the main responsibility for  implementing  a major restructuring of the program.

I have several times served as head of the department of clinical psychology at The Department of Psychology in Aarhus.

In 1987 I was co-founder (with Jette Fog)  of  The Center for Psychotherapy at The Department of Psychology. The main activity of The Center was to established an open training clinic in psychotherapy, with a staff of  seven full-time and half-time psychologists.  I was the administrative leader of  The Clinic during most of its existence 1987 -1998.


Other engagements


Consultant to the Ministry for Environmental Issues in Norway, secretary to a working group under the ministry


Consultant to The Council for Womens Studies, Oslo

1983 - 1985

Member of The National Advisory Board for the Danish Minister of Education on educational and psychological educations. (Faglig Landsudvalg for Psykologi og Pedagik)


Consultant  to Norconsult, Oslo

1977 -

Censor at Copenhagen University

2004 -

The psychology member of The Danish  Research Council for the Humanities