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Curriculum Vitae


  • PhD, Department of Management, Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University 


  • PhD, Department of Management, Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, 2016
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Organisation, University of Southern Denmark, 2000
  • MA in Communication and Media Science, Aarhus University, 1991 

Research areas

  • Management of digital innovation
  • Social media innovation


E-recruitment and Selection

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Facebook Contradictions in Municipal Social Media Practices

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Boundary Spanners coordinating Socio-Technical Systems that enhance connectivity between organizations and social media platforms

Haahr, L. & Kampf, C. E., 10 aug. 2018.

Social Media Management and Coordination: from crossing boundaries to expected interfaces

Haahr, L. & Kampf, C. E., 3 aug. 2018. 9 s.

Accounting and Accountability: Changes and Challenges in Corporation’s Management of Social Media Influencers.

Haahr, L., 13 jun. 2018.

Chatbots in Human Resource Management

Haahr, L. & Holm, A. B., 14 feb. 2018.

Digital 2017. Innovation med digitale platforme

Haahr, L., 20 sep. 2017.

Beyond ticketing digitalization? An analysis of a money and ticket passing practice in Ukrainian public transport with learning points from past to future

Schlichter, B. R., Verhun, L., Haahr, L. & Haahr, U., 2017.

Coordinating Social Media Management Interfaces Across the Organization

Kampf, C. E., Haahr, L. & Mohammadreza, M., 2017, I : Academy of Management Proceedings. 1, 40 s.

Social Media as Organizing Vision: An Interpretive Field Study of How Formal Organizations Respond to Social Media

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Institutionalization of Social Media in Large Danish Firms: An Industry Level Longitudinal Study

Haahr, L. & Svejvig, P., 2014, Proceedings of the 37th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS 37). Ghazawneh, A., Nørbjerg, J. & Pries-Heje, J. (red.). 17 s. (Proceedings of the IRIS Conference).

Wrestling with Contradictions in Government Social Media Practices

Haahr, L., 2014, I : International Journal of Electronic Government Research. 10, 1, 11 s.

Wrestling with Social Media on Information Systems’ Home Ground

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Wrestling with contradictions in municipal social media practices

Haahr, L., dec. 2013.

Topology of Paradoxes in Organizations' Social Media Practices

Haahr, L., 21 jun. 2013.

Exploratory framework for organizations as actors on facebook

Haahr, L., aug. 2012.



Lars Haahr (Arrangør)
19 sep. 2018

78th Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2018

Lars Haahr (Deltager), Constance Elizabeth Kampf (Deltager)
11 aug. 2018

Persondatafordningen i praksis

Lars Haahr (Arrangør), Anna B. Holm (Arrangør)
22 mar. 2018

Digital 2017

Lars Haahr (Arrangør)
20 sep. 2017

Digital 2016

Lars Haahr (Arrangør)
21 sep. 2016


Lars Haahr (Arrangør)
18 nov. 2015


Lars Haahr (Arrangør)
29 okt. 2015


Lars Haahr (Arrangør)
21 okt. 2014

Scandinavian Conference in Information Systems (SCIS 5 / IRIS 37)

Lars Haahr (Taler)
10 aug. 201413 aug. 2014

International Conference on Information Systems

Lars Haahr (Taler)
dec. 2013


Lars Haahr (Arrangør)
30 okt. 2013

Micro seminar @ SCANCOR

Lars Haahr (Arrangør)
19 jul. 2013

Technology and Work Colloquium

Lars Haahr (Arrangør)
17 jul. 2013

Scancors “Friday-seminars”

Lars Haahr (Taler)
21 jun. 2013

ECIS (Tidsskrift)

Lars Haahr (Fagfællebedømmer)

Recruitment and Social Media

Lars Haahr (Foredragsholder)
11 okt. 2012

Enabling Innovative Organizational Practice: Burning Man

Lars Haahr (Foredragsholder)
29 feb. 2012


Rejselegatet fra Købmand Ferdinand Sallings Mindefond

Lars Haahr (Modtager), 2012


Det kan give god mening at droppe firmaets Facebook

Lars Haahr


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I amerikanernes fodspor

Anna B. Holm & Lars Haahr


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I amerikanernes fodspor

Lars Haahr


1 Mediebidrag

I amerikanernes fodspor

Anna B. Holm & Lars Haahr


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Lars Haahr


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Sociale medier dominerer specialer: Aarhus Universitet oplever en markant stigning i specialer med afsæt i f.eks. Facebook.

Lars Haahr


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