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Lars Ditlev Mørck Ottosen

Konstitueret institutleder


Assistant Professor, Aarhus University

Ph.D. Microbial Ecology, Bioscience, Aarhus University.

Exam Oecon, Business Economy, Aarhus University (Institute of Economics)

MSc. Biology, Aarhus University


Associate Professor, Head of Biological and Chemical Engineering Section, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University

Head of Section Environmental Biotechnology, Danish Technological Institute

Consultant R&D, Danish Technological Institute

Assistant Professor, Aarhus University

2004- 2007/3
Clinical Embryologist and Project Scientist, Aarhus University Hospital

Manager Business development, Unisense A/S

Ph.D Scholar, Biological Institute, Microbial Ecology, Aarhus University

Teaching assistant, Aarhus University

Technical assistant (plant genetics and breeding) Nordic Seed

Academic research

Post Doctoral Research at AU, Department of microbiology. Applied research on biological airfilters and animal slurry chemistry and microbiology.

2,5 years as part time (approx. 50%) clinical researcher at Aarhus University Hospital, Fertility clinic and Clinical Institute. Research area: preimplantation embryo physiology including method and technology development, clinical epidemiology and related research.

Ph.D. research (4+4 model). Microbial Ecology, nitrogen transformation in marine and aquatic systems.

Industrial research

Industrial research and development at Danish Technological Institute. Research, development and documentation within environmental biotechnology and technology including water treatment technologies, anaerobic digestion and substrate pre-treatment, biorefining, various aspects of environmental technology.

Technology development for Unisense A/S (techniques for measuring embryo oxygen consumption). Collaborative research projects (clinical epidemiology) with pharmaceutical industry

Industrial research at Unisense A/S. Applied research on microsensor development and applications, Unisense A/S contribution in a large EU projects (ICON), research on bovine embryos at former Danmarks Jordbrugsforskning.


Appointed Head of Section, Environmental Technology at Life Science division DTI. The job responsibility includes line management, section economy, budgeting and recruiting academic staff.

Selected by board of directors at Danish Technological Institute for “Talentprogram” leadership and business development training. (ECTS points ?)


4 academic positions filled 2 ongoing recruitments. Course in job analysis prior to recruiting, course in interview technique related to recruiting.

Teaching and supervision

2014 -
Teaching Waste Water Treatment in the 5 ECTS course "Applied Microbiology"
Teaching the 5 ETCS course "Industrial Fermentation"
Teaching in the 5 ECTS course "Air Quality Engineering"

External supervisor at Aarhus School of Engineering (supervision of a total of 6 diploma engineering students, all graduated with note 12)

Completed “Kursus i Universitetspædagogik for adjunkter”

Geomicrobiology (10 ECTS) 2008 and Biotechnique (5 ECTS) 2009, both with excellent student rating.
Co-supervision of master students, Ph.D. students.

Clinical embryology at the Organon Fertility School (2006)

Lectures, laboratory courses, and excursions in General Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Microbial Physiology and Aquatic Microbiology at the University of Aarhus, Denmark (During Ph.D scholarship 1996-2000)

Related Professional Experience, Activities

Reviewer for MEPS (1998-2009) and Human Reproduction (since 2005-2010)

Scientific expert, Danish Environmental Technology Verification (DAN-ETV) 2009.

Co-author of Medical Technology Verification (MTV) reports for the Danish National
Board of Health (2005-2007).

Responsible for patenting and IPR at Unisense A/S (2000-2004) and completed Patent Course (Patentkursus) (2001) AU og Østjysk Innovation. Extended experience with the patenting process.

Board member Unisense A/S (2002) and Alpha Biobank Aps (2005)

Co-founder owner and board member at start up biotech company Alpha Biobank Aps (2005). The company was successfully taken over by another biotech company in 2006.

Task force member for certification (DS ISO) of clinical procedures at the Fertility Clinic, Aarhus University hospital. (2003-2004)

Awarded for best article series of the year by Danish technical periodical “Water and Soil” (1998)

Research interest and expertise

Microbial ecology (analysis of microbial activity, metabolic pathways, inhibition). Microbial nitrogen, carbon and sulfur cycling in natural system and industrial and agricultural systems and installations. Microbial production of green house gasses.
Microphysiology and microscale chemical gradients.

Industrial biotechnology:
Biological and chemical waste water treatment. Biogas process and technology (mechanics, chemistry and microbiology of the process).

Medical biotechnology:
Physiology of pre implantation embryos and clinical embryology and epidemiology. Experimental design of trials.

Selected courses

Adjunkt kursus i universitetspædagogik

Patentkursus AU og Østjysk Innovation

Recent large grants obtained

Obtained > 1 million DKK, 2010-2012, personally and under my supervision:

BIOMAN (Research for the benefit of SME EU FP7) > 5 million DKK.

Technology for hospital waste water treatment (MUDP) 4,6 million DKK

BIOCONVAL (Grønt Udvikling og Demonstrations Program GUDP) 6,9 million DKK

Lavenergivask, rent og sikkert (Fornyelsesfonden) 7,3 million DKK

Selective hydrolysis for waste water sludge (VTU) 1 mio DKK

Examples of funding sources where I have extended experience:
-Det Strategiske Forskningsråd (National Strategic Reseach Council)
-VTU fonden
-EcoInnovation (Miljøstyrelsen)
-Fornyelsesfonden grønne løsninger
-Videnkuponer (store og små)

-FP 7 EU programmes (eg KBBE)



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