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Lars Bækgaard

Using Service Scenarios to Model Business Services

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  • I 2008 05

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  • Erhvervsøkonomisk Institut
  • Information Systems Research Group
The purpose of the paper is to present and evaluate the notion of service scenarios. A service is work done by a service executor in interaction with a service consumer. A service scenario is a model of a service system and the roles that are played by the actors participating and interacting during the execution of a service. The model represents the roles and the interactions between the participants. Service scenarios can be used to model specific services and roles played by human beings and IT systems in the execution of services. The use of service scenarios is demonstrated by means of a case study in a public library. The case study indicates that service systems should be understood as socio-technical systems in which service executors and service consumers co-create value in mutual interaction with each other and with a set of shared resources.
UdgiverAarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, Department of Business Studies
Antal sider18
ISBN (Elektronisk)9788778823106
StatusUdgivet - 2008

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