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Multi-Dimensional Path Queries

Publikation: Working paper/Preprint Working paperForskning

  • Lars Bækgaard, Danmark
  • Erhvervsøkonomisk Institut
  • Information Systems Research Group
We present the path-relationship model that supports multi-dimensional data modeling and querying. A path-relationship database is composed of sets of paths and sets of relationships. A path is a sequence of related elements (atoms, paths, and sets of paths). A relationship is a binary path that connects a pair of paths. A path expression is a function that maps a set of path sets into a path set. Path sets can be joined, filtering conditions can restrict the set of qualifying paths, and aggregation functions can be applied to path elements. In particular, the aggregation function SET can be used to create nested path structures. We present an SQL-like query language that is based on path expressions and we show how to use it to express multi-dimensional path queries that are suited for advanced data analysis in decision support environments like data warehousing environments
Antal sider16
StatusUdgivet - 1998

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