Psykologisk Institut

Laila Elina Nockur


Supervision notice

I am interested in understanding and fostering sustainable behavior. In my research, I often use economic games to capture the conflict between individual and collective interests in the pursuit of sustainability (i.e., a social dilemma perspective). However, I am also interested in examining ecological behavior as assessed by other measurement approaches (e.g., examining specific forms of (un)sustainable behavior like meat consumption or transportation choices).

Another pillar of my research lies in examining the impact of unequal distribution of opportunities among the actors involved (e.g., to access common resources) on cooperation and sustainable behavior. How and why does asymmetric distribution of opportunities affect cooperation? How does the presence of asymmetric opportunities interact with structural solutions to social dilemmas?

I encourage students to develop their own research idea within this field but offer support in all steps and like to maintain regular exchange. Supervision takes regularly place in individual and group meetings. You can also always write me an email.

The thesis needs to be written in English.