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Knud Erik Bach Knudsen

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Knud Erik Bach Knudsen
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My main focus for the last 30 years has been on carbohydrates and bioactive phytochemicals. The emphasis has been on:

1) Development and implementation of analytical methods for the determination of carbohydrates in foods, feeds and digesta materials

2) Studies of nutritional and physiological properties of carbohydrates emphasising the importance of degradation, absorption and influence on the gut microflora

3) Studies of the role of carbohydrates in the prevention of digestive disturbances and establishment of parasites in pigs

4) Studies of the nutritional and health effects of carbohydrates and phytochemicals in monogastric species including human subjects.

My most recent works have been in the interface to human nutrition emphasising the use of animal models for understanding the mode of actions of carbohydrates and phytochemicals. I am also actively involved in the establishment of a LC-MS/MS based metabonomic platform at the department and is currently the supervisor of several PhD and post doc projects.Publications in peer-reviewed journals, 255; Books and proceedings, 104; Abstracts, 162; Others, 55Citations in web-of-science (Feb 2019): >6300, H-index: 42. Citations in Google Scholar (Feb 2019): >7800, H-index: 47.Invited lectures at conferences and universities: 131.Supervision (current): Main supervisor 2; co-supervisor 2. Supervision (total): Main and co-supervisor 23.

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