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Julie Carøe Kristoffersen


Julie Carøe Kristoffersen
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Ph.D project description:
Offshore structures are increasingly exerted by extreme loads from abnormal waves and breaking waves. The breaking wave introduces high loads including impulsive load contributions resulting in dynamical response of the offshore structures. The nature of breaking waves is highly nonlinear with following complex mechanism of the impact on the structures.

Many different approaches have been taken previously to investigate the impact forces such as computational methods, analytical and wave basin measurements in smaller and larger scale. The focus of this project will be to study measurements of forces from abnormal and breaking waves in wave tanks and, eventually, experimental investigations in the open sea. The main goal is to examine the amplification of wave loads due to extreme seas, and be able to describe the essential physical mechanism and statistics of abnormal and breaking waves.

Project title: Direct measurements of wave forces from abnormal and breaking waves

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