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Jonas Koefoed Rømer

EMODnet Thematic Lot n° 4 - Chemistry: Methodology for data QA/QC and DIVA products

Publikation: AndetUdgivelser på nettet - Net-publikationRådgivning

  • Jean-Marie Beckers
  • ,
  • Luminita Buga
  • ,
  • Noelie Debray
  • ,
  • Lotta Fyrberg
  • ,
  • Julie Gatti
  • ,
  • Alessandra Giorgetti
  • ,
  • Giordano Giorgi
  • ,
  • Sissy Iona
  • ,
  • Martin Mørk Larsen
  • Marina Lipizer
  • ,
  • Jonas Koefoed Rømer
  • George Sarbu
  • ,
  • Dick Schaap
  • ,
  • Reiner Schlitzer
  • ,
  • Sylvain Watelet
  • ,
  • Magnus Wenzer
Data quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) is an important issue in oceanographic data
management, especially for the creation of multidisciplinary and comprehensive databases which
include data from different and/or unknown origin covering long time periods. The data-collection
methods involve a wide range of instruments, water sample analyses and accuracies. Historical data
are often deprived of any detailed information on analytical procedures, calibrations and confidence
intervals. The adoption of appropriate QA/QC methodology as well as feedback from the scientific
community will contribute considerably to the validation of large data collections.
This report intends to be a reference manual for EMODnet Chemistry data QA/QC and the subsequent
product generation. In fact, during the first data validation loop, each region adopted its own protocol
and the results showed many inconsistent data quality flags and the need for coordination and
harmonization of practices. A dedicated workshop was organized to review the different practices and
agree on a common methodology for data QA/QC and Diva products generation for EMODnet
StatusUdgivet - 2015

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