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Jon Lerche


Jon Lerche


I’m a strategic and cross functional project manager, who strives in creating and implementing changes. I can navigate in various environments, cultures and businesses, being motivated by the complexity of various problems, searching to simplify it, find new solutions and create sustainable results with my team members or as a part of a team.


My skill sets and experiences give me a strong cross-functional understanding allowing me to operate and understand different business levels and “speak their languages”. Combined with my genuine curiosity and willingness to develop my-self, the business, organization and people through coaching, guidance or consulting on the different levels enables me to get my message through and work towards an overall goal. This is profound in my core competences, analyzing cross-functional processes and workflows, combining and re-designing them into new structures to minimize waste in the processes. It has always been one of my forces to bring past learnings into play, have best practice adapted and adjusted to fit the new circumstances insuring that the situation and processes are aligned.


Through continuous implementations, consulting and coaching others, I have developed people skill that supports my technical and business skills, making me an all-round team player for my employer. The work has included extensive traveling days above 150 days a year, also including offshore operations.

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