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Jørn Erslev Andersen

lic.phil., Lektor

Curriculum Vitae


Born in Haderslev (DK) Febr. 12 1953

Three kids: Thomas (b. 1990), Malthe (b. 1994), Andreas (b. 1996)

1972-: Musician. Guitar. Rock, blues, jazz

1973: Artium (Mathemathics/Natural Science). Haderslev Katedralskole

1973-74: Semi-skilled worker (fabrication of elements for industrial freezers)

1974: Immatriculation Nordic Dpt. Aarhus University

1977-2007: Living together with Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen in Aarhus

1977-88: Assistant Prof. of Nordic and Comparative Literature, Music, Interart, Cultural Theory, Theory of Science. Aarhus University

1979-93: Chair of the Interdisciplinary Institution at the Faculty of the Humanities. Aarhus University

1980: MA (cand. phil.) Nordic Literature. Aarhus University

1981-83 and 1986-88: Research Fellow Nordic and Comparative Literature. Aarhus University

1983-88: Co-editor of LÆS (working papers Nordic Dpt.). Aarhus University

1986-90: Co-editor of Passage. Journal of Literature and Criticism. Aarhus

1986-90: Co-editor of UNDR. Nyt nordisk forum, inter-nordic journal for cultural criticism

1988: Associate Professor (lektor) Comparative Literature. Aarhus University

1992: PhD (lic. phil.) Comparative Literature. Aarhus University

1996 (August): Hölderlin-Wohnung, Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe (invited by the Hölderlin-Gesellschaft)

1996 (August)-2000 (August): Fulltime Research Fellow on a grant from Aarhus University Research Foundation on the project "Literature at the Turn of the Century 1870-1918", Centre for Cultural Research, Aarhus University. Diretor of the project 1998-2000

January-June 2003: Fulbright Visiting Professor. University of Minnesota, Dpt. of German, Scandinavian and Dutch

2006-: Co-editor of Bogens Verden. Literary and cultural journal. Aarhus, Viborg, København

2007: In charge of two workshops: 1) Scientific Research Training, 2) Scientific Writing. Doctoral School in Arts and Aesthetics. AU

2008-: Main editor of series on World Literature. Aarhus University Press

2008-: Member of Advisory Board. Research Centre for Studies in Otherness and Alterity. Aarhus University (DK), Mary Immaculate College (Ireland), Deakin University (Australia)

2008-9: In charge of workshop: Scientific Writing. Doctoral School in Arts and Aesthetics. AU

2009: Director of Centre for World Literature Studies. AU

Since 1986 I have continually done criticism and critical essays for Standart on Scandinavian and European literature, especially in the realms of poetry and poetry and music, and occasionally for Information (daily newspaper), Kritik (journal), and Edda (journal)

Supervisor for several Ph.d.-projects in the field of comparative literature, Aarhus University, and University of Minnesota, English and German Dpt.

Member of committees on the evaluation of doctoral thesis in Odense (German Dpt.), Copenhagen (Roman Dpt. and Comp. Lit. Dpt.), Aarhus (Comp. Lit. and Aesthetics), Stockholm (Comp. Lit. Dpt.), and Minnesota (UMN Twin Cities, Dpt of English). Co-operation on several Ph.D.-seminars on Comparative Literature in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, UK and USA.