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Jianhui Liu


Jianhui Liu
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Project title: Enabling ultra-reliable low latency communications in 5G

Project description:
The fifth generation (5G) systems are expected to underpin the Tactile Internet connectivity. The typical use cases of Tactile Internet include industrial automation, remote surgery and autonomous vehicle and so on. To enable these use cases, ultra-reliable and low latency communication (URLLC) is essential to promote the experiences of latency, reliability and availability into an unprecedented new stage.

The URLLC requires reliability of 99.999 percent with latency in the range of 1-10 ms depending on the use cases. It presents enormous challenges at multiple OSI layers and requires disruptive design approaches. One of the prospective solutions is the combination between Fog computing and Radio Access Networks (Fog-RAN). Fog computing extends the computing and storage capacity from distant cloud to the edge of networks which therefore can shorten the end-to-end latency significantly and is beneficial for latency-critical applications. Furthermore, Fog-RAN will provide a flexible network architecture for service-optimised network design and deployment. The aim of this project is to design novel protocols and algorithms to enable URLLC from the aspect of radio access and networking layer.

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Qi Zhang 

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