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Jesper Wiborg Schneider


Jesper Wiborg Schneider



I have a background in Information Science (IS).  IS has interdisciplinary roots most pronounced from disciplines such as sociology, psychology, computer science and mathematics.  IS studies cognitive, sociological, mathematical and epistemological aspect of “information”, particularly scientific (and scholarly) information, in broad terms its production, organisation, communication, retrieval, dissemination and use. 

I have specialized in quantitative studies of science, known as scientometrics (or bibliometrics), research evaluation and statistics, and my research specialty is “science of science” or “meta-research”, which is the interdisciplinary study of research itself: its practices, norms, methods, reporting, reproducibility, evaluation, and incentives.  The objective is to understand and improve how we perform, communicate, verify, evaluate, and reward research.

My specific research interests are focused on:

  • science mapping
  • journals and their role in the scientific communication network
  • measuring interdisciplinarity
  • publication behaviour
  • scientometric indicators
  • perceptions of research quality
  • performance-based national research funding systems
  • relations between funding and performance
  • gender issues in research performance
  • relations between science policy and citation impact
  • quantifying uncertainty in scientometric indicators
  • problems related to statistical significance tests and statistical models
  • reforms of statistical practice
  • Bayesian statistics
  • research integrity
  • questionable research practices, their prevalence and causes


My Google Scholar profile https://scholar.google.dk/citations?user=rlZGQaUAAAAJ&hl=da

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