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Jesper Overgård Lehmann

ph.d., Postdoc

Jesper Overgård Lehmann


Project title: Extended lactations in Danish dairy production

Project description: Managing dairy cows individually for a specific length of lactation may reduce greenhouse gas emissions per kg of milk produced and improve profitability at farm level. The first part of this PhD project sets out to describe how much milk a cow can produce per day and relate this to the length of the lactation and the characteristics of the cow. The second part aims at characterising cows that are capable of producing milk for an extended period of time as not all cows are capable of during this, and hence they likely have to be managed for a traditional length. The final part aims at using knowledge gained in the first two parts to estimate the effect of implementing extended lactations in private dairy herds on greenhouse gas emissions per kg of milk produced and overall farm economy as well as relate these findings to the management strategy of the farm.

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