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Jonas' research interests include asset pricing, return predictability, exchange rates, and climate finance. He is particularly interested in studying and understanding risk premia in financial markets and their behavior over time and in the cross section. For example, he has extensively studied bond premia, their predictability, and how predictability itself can change with fundamental variables such as the business cycle. He has also done work on the influence of monetary policy announcements on the equity premium and stock betas and on understanding the drivers of house prices using subjective expectations. Jonas has recently become interested in climate finance.

More information and details about his research is available at his personal website.


Jonas Nygaard Eriksen is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus University. He is a research fellow at the Danish Finance Institute (DFI) and the Center for Research in Energy: Economics and Markets (CoRE). He holds a PhD in Economics and Business Economics from Aarhus University (2015). 


Jonas is teaching a master’s course in Asset Pricing offered both for MSc. in Finance and oecon students at the Department of Economics and business Economics, Aarhus university. The course is 10 ECTS and deals with both theoretical and empirical aspects of asset pricing. He also teach an introductory finance course to HD students. In addtion, Jonas undertakes supervision of bachelor theses, master theses, and topic reports as well as Ph.D. supervision. 

Jonas has previously taught (or co-taught) the following courses

  • Empirical Asset Pricing
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • International Business Finance


Jonas is the programme coordinator for the Master's in Finance degree programme (cand.merc with specialisation in Finance) and teaching coordinator for finance courses at HA/BSc(B)/HA(jur). 


  • Asset Pricing
  • Return predictability
  • Exchange rates
  • Climate finance


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