Jens Randel Nyengaard

Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

Curriculum Vitae

Professional employment


2008 - : Professor, Dept of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus Univ.
2001 - 2008: Assoc. Prof., Electron Microscopy Lab., Aarhus Univ.
1996 - 2000: Assist. Prof., Stereol. Res. Lab., Aarhus Univ.
1994 - 1996: Resident, Med. Dept. A + C, Aarhus Univ. Hospital
1993 - 1994: Res. Fellow, Stereol. Res. Lab., Aarhus Univ.
1992 - 1993: Res. Fellow, Diab. & Vasc. Res. Lab., Washington Univ., USA
1991 - 1992: Res. Fellow, Stereol. Res. Lab., Aarhus Univ.
1990 - 1990: Drafted to SAR helicopter, RDAF, Ålborg
1989 - 1990: Resident, Pathological Inst., Randers
1989 - 1989: Resident, Surgical Dept., Silkeborg


Research competences


Cutting and staining (immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridisation) for macro- and microscopy and electron microscopy. Designing and handling of quantitative analysis of images from various medical imaging modalities: light and electron microscopy, 1 & 2 photon microscopy with FRET, FLIM, FCS, FRAP and FLIP, ultrasound, CT scanning, and MRI.


Awards and honours


2008 - President of 'International Society for Stereology' 
2007 - 

Partner in the research initiative "Histoinformatics", Aarhus University


Organiser of the symposium "Future Stereology", Sandbjerg Estate, Denmark.


Scientific adviser in the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

2006 - 

Visiting Professor and Docent for Stereology, University of Bern, Switzerland

2006: Patent on the "Proportionator"

Partner in centre for research in "Membrane-receptors In Neuronal Disease" (MIND), Aarhus University

2004-2007:  Vice-President of ‘International Society for Stereology'
2002-2006: Partner in Marie Curie Training Site "Advanced Medical Imaging and Spatial Stat." (MISS), Aarhus University
2000:   Member of editorial Board 'Image analysis and stereology'
2000:  Doctoral thesis, Aarhus University

Co-organiser of "Human cortex symposium: From gene to structure", Amsterdam, Netherlands

1996-2000:  Treasurer of ‘International Society for Stereology'
1989:     HD from Aarhus Business School
1989:    MD from Aarhus University
1988:Gold Medal, Aarhus University




Author of ~350 international, scientific publications primarily focusing on the use of quantitative microscopy in biomedicine as well as co-authoring one book on neurostereology.

Organizer of and/or lecturer at ~100 international courses in Stereology. Invited lecturer at many international meetings, institutions and Ph.D.-courses. Reviewer for international universities, foundations and more than 45 international journals.