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Jeanette Landgrebe

Videnskabelig assistent, Ekstern lektor

Jeanette Landgrebe


Informed by ethnomethodogoly and conversation analysis, I explore forms of organizational communication and collaboration from a multimodal and social interactional perspective. I am highly inspired by the French philosopher Bruno Latour and Actor-Network Theory. 

Rooted in the belief that the strongest empirical evidence for research is to be found in analysing authentic real-life interaction, I engage with diverse forms of communication in professional practices, both physical and digital settings. 

Some of my research interests are digital communication &  collaboration, organisational socialisation, decision-making processes, epistemics and the role of objects, relational work & identity construction, innovation workshops, expert-novice interaction, counselor and citizen interaction, ICT-mediated interaction in global contexts, entrepreneurial settings, the public sector, and in social media contexts. Presently, I am in the early stages of research on digital trends, AI, AR and automation processes.

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