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Janne Lytoft Simonsen

cand.scient., ph.d., Forskningsbibliotekar

Profile photoJanne Lytoft Simonsen
Forskningsbibliotekar, cand.scient, ph.d.
AU Library Sundhedsvidenskab - Det Kgl. Bibliotek

Vennelyst Boulevard 4
8000 Aarhus C
E-mail: jsi@kb.dk
Telefon: +45 21387814


World Workshop on Oral Medicine VII: Targeting the oral microbiome Part 2: Current knowledge on malignant and potentially malignant oral disorders

Robledo-Sierra, J., Ben-Amy, D. P., Varoni, E., Bavarian, R., Simonsen, J. L., Paster, B. J., Wade, W. G., Kerr, R., Peterson, D. E. & Frandsen Lau, E., 2019, I : Oral Diseases. 25, S1, s. 28-48 21 s.

Gingival recession and root caries in the ageing population: a critical evaluation of treatments

Heasman, P. A., Ritchie, M., Asuni, A., Gavillet, E., Simonsen, J. L. & Nyvad, B., 2017, I : Journal of Clinical Periodontology. 44, Suppl 18, s. S178-S193 16 s.

Tourette syndrome and procedures related to dental treatment; a systematic review

Hansen, J. K., Jacobsen, P. E., Simonsen, J. L., Hovgaard, O. & Haubek, D., 2015, I : Special Care in Dentistry. 35, 3, s. 99-104 6 s.

Telomerase expression extends the proliferative life-span and maintains the osteogenic potential of human bone marrow stromal cells

Simonsen, J. L., Rosada, C., Serakinci, N., Justesen, J., Stenderup, K., Rattan, S., Jensen, T. G. & Kassem, M., 2002, I : Nature Biotechnology. 20, 6, s. 592-596 5 s.

The interferon alpha induced protein ISG12 is localized to the nuclear membrane

Martensen, P. M., Søgaard, T. M. M., Gjermandsen, I. M., Buttenschøn, H. N., Rossing, A. B., Bonnevie-Nielsen, V., Rosada, C., Simonsen, J. L. & Justesen, J., 2001, I : European Journal of Biochemistry. 268, 22, s. 5947-54 8 s.

Functional expression of eukaryotic polypeptide chain release factors 1 and 3 by means of baculovirus/insect cells and complex formation between the factors

Frolova, L. Y., Simonsen, J. L., Merkulova, T. I., Litvinov, D. Y., Martensen, P. M., Rechinsky, V. O., Camonis, J. H., Kisselev, L. L. & Justesen, J., 1998, I : European Journal of Biochemistry. 256, 1, s. 36-44 9 s.


2000Ph.d. i Molekylærbiologi, Det Naturvidenskabelige Fakultet, Aarhus Universitet
1997Kvalifikationseksamen, cand.scient. - biologi
1995-2000Ph.d.-studerende ved Molekylærbiologisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet
1990-1994Biologistuderende ved Biologisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet