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Jan Trige Rasmussen


Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
Jan Trige Rasmussen
Senior Scientist, Cand. scient., PhD.
Born October 1st 1963, Danish citizen
Section for Molecular Nutrition
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics,
Aarhus University,
Gustav Wieds Vej 10C, 8000 Aarhus C
Tel. +45 87155462
E-mail: jatr@mbg.au.dk

1993.        Post Doc at Dept. Molecular Biology, University of Aarhus, DK (mb.au.dk).
1995.        Research assis. prof. (mb.au.dk).
2000.        Research assoc. prof. (mb.au.dk).
2001.        Assoc. prof. (non-tenured, mb.au.dk).
2006.        Senior Scientist (mb.au.dk => mbg.au.dk). Current position.

Education and training.
1989.        MSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Uni. of Southern Denmark (SDU), DK
1993.        Ph.D. in Biochemistry on the subject "The Function of Acyl-CoA Binding Protein". SDU, DK.

Further training and stays:

  • Training in handling of rotavirus in the laboratory of Dr. Carlos F. Arias, Instituto de Biotecnologia/UNAM, Cuernavaca, Morelos 62210, Mexico. February 2001.
  • “Kursus i Patentforhold 2004 på Århus Universitet”, Autumn 2004, Aarhus University.
  • ”Kursus i Undervisningpædagogik for vejledere og adjunkter”, Aug. 2007, Sandbjerg, Aarhus University.

 Scientific summary
All the work is centred on structure and function of proteins, but can be subdivided into three areas:
1) Intracellular lipid transport and metabolism, 2) Structural characterization of lipophilic proteins from milk, and 3) evaluation of the significance of certain milk proteins.

See http://mbg.au.dk/forskning/forskningsomraader/molekylaer-ernaering/jan-trige-rasmussen/

Publications and invited lectures
55 original research papers in international peer-reviewed journals, >1940 citations, H-index 23 (Web of Science, Jan 2016)
Invited speaker at >20 research conferences and seminars.

Research leadership, funding and committee work.
Leading an independent research group (1 Postdoc, 1 technician, 2 MSc.- and 3 BSc.-students) at the Protein Chemistry Laboratory, MBG, AU.

Received funding:

Project title

Funding source (budget)



The   acyl-CoA binding proteins (ACBPs) metabolic function - PhD-studentship*

SNF -   Danish Research Council for Natural Science (3 year salary)



Milk   Proteins – Proteins in the fat globule membrane

Danish   Dairy Board and Danish Government – FØTEK (11.5 mill dkr)




Proteins   in the milk fat globule membrane

Danish   Dairy Board and Danish Government – FØTEK 2 (6.4 mill dkr)




Milk   proteins with specific functional properties

Arla Foods   amba

(2.1 mill   dkr)




Lactadherin   as antiviral component*

Danish   Dairy Board and Danish Government – FØTEK 3 (2.26 mill dkr)



MUC1 as   bacterial receptor analogue*

Danish   Dairy Board and Danish Government – FØTEK 3 (2.55 mill dkr)



Milk,   presence and possible biological activities of the milk fat globule membrane   protein mucin 15*

Danish   Dairy Board and Danish Government - Law of Innoavation (3.83 mill dkr)



Milk   protein, investigation and isolation of components with potential protective   effect against viral induced diarrhoea*

Danish   Dairy Board and Danish Government - Law of Innoavation (4.19 mill dkr)



Purification   of bioactive milk proteins – Research consortium

STVF, AU,   DTU, Arla Foods, Semper AB (S), Upfront (16.8 mill dkr)




Novel   Approaches to Investigate Structure, Aggregation, and Practical Implications   of Casein and Casein Micelles*

Danish   Dairy Board and Danish Government (SPIR) (6.6 mill dkr)


PI and

Project   leader

Milk lipid   particles*

Danish   Dairy Board, Arla Foods Ingredients, and Faculty of Science at AU (DK) (3.96   mill dkr)


PI and   Project leader

Quality   and activity of industrially separated casein*

Danish   Dairy Board, Arla Foods Ingredients (4.3 mill dkr)


PI and Project   leader

Valorisation   of milk fat globule membrane enriched ingredients

Arla Foods   Center ofDairy Health and Nutrition Excellence Center (1 mill d kr)


Project   leader

* Personal received funding


NorFa network (2002-5), “Quality and health aspects of milk components”, 10 research groups.

NordForsk, Nordic Researchers Network (2008-2010), “Nordic milk science initiative” 9 research groups.

Teaching and supervision
Since the year 1997 a substantial amount of teaching experience has been accumulated. This comes from lecturing and teaching on several theoretic and/or practical courses with subjects from biochemistry, molecular biology and food science. The experiences were mainly attained at two different universities (Uni. of Southern Denmark, Odense and Aarhus University). Besides that comes lecturing at PhD-courses etc. Has since 2010 been part of main lecture team on course “Advanced Biochemistry” at MBG.AU. Finally, been supervisor on more than 25 Bachelor-, Master- and PhD (4) - projects at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University as well as students from Danish Technical University, University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark. Postdoctoral training: responsible for supervision and training of 2 postdocs (2006-). Moreover, supervised laboratory technicians (7), ERASMUS and other kinds of students (>10). (For additional information ask for “Undervisningsportfolio”).

Evaluation of others work.
3 PhD-evaluation committees,

Member of Danish national censor corps (Biology, Engeniering, and Food Science)

Peer Reviewer: J. Dairy Sci., Cell Tissue Res., J. Dairy Res., FEBS Journal,  Br. J. Nutrition, Int. Dairy J., Am. J.  Clin. Nutr. , a.o.

Industrial collaboration, outreach activities and knowledge exchange.
Been part of extensive collaborative projects with the dairy companies Arla Foods AMBA and Arla Foods Ingredients about characterization and commercial exploitation of bioactive milk proteins. Furthermore, the whole Danish dairy industry via the Danish Dairy Board as well as other parts of the Danish food industry.

Scientific Collaborations

The list of publications illustrates the wide range of fruitful collaborations that has been established over time. The numbers will increase if all other contacts are listed.