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Jakob Strand


Jakob Strand
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Research Interests

Environmental Biology and Chemistry. Research, monitoring and assessment of hazardous substances in the marine environment.  Main focus at the DISTRIBUTION, FATE, ACCUMULATION and EFFECTS of organic compounds like PAH and OCs and organometallic compounds like TBT and methylmercury, but also emerging pollutants like PFAS and plasticizers. Attention is also given to synthetic microplastic particles as an indicator of solid waste and a potential source to plastic constituents in the aquatic environments.


Ecotoxicology incl. use of biomarkers in laboratory, field studies and monitoring; 

  • Biomarkers for pollution effects in aquatic organisms,
  • Endocrine disruptions, embryo malformations and reproductive success in fish, eg. in eelpout (Zoarces viviparus), 
  • Endocrine disruptions in molluscs, e.g. imposex/intersex in prosobranch gastropods,
  • Retinoid (vitamin A) balance and its importance for embryo development,
  • Invertebrate bioassays etc.

Analytical chemistry: Analysing trace levels of contaminants in the environmment, primarily using GC or HPLC.

Environmental Impact Assessments in aquatic environments: Impact of pollution sources on marine organisms, populations and habitats, e.g. due to ship traffic, dredging activities, oil spills or accidents. Development and evaluation of potential indicators of pollutants and their effects, which potentially can be of relevance for EU WFD and MSFD assessments.


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