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Jakob Fisker


Jakob Fisker
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Project title: Continuous members in reinforced concrete

PhD student: Jakob Fisker

Project period: 01/08-2012 to 23/07-2014

Main supervisor: Senior Assoc. Prof. Lars German Hagsten

Research section: Civil and Architectural Engineering


Project description:

The vast majority of concrete slabs are only supplied with longitudinal reinforcement while expensive shear-reinforcement is only placed in case of shear forces of extraordinary magnitude. Thus, in most situations, the capacity of the slabs with respect to shear-forces is provided by a combination of the concrete itself along with the longitudinal reinforcement. Unfortunately, the fundamentals of this vital mechanism that allows for such structures to be designed is still not fully understood, and most models used for design are empirical and lacks a physical and rational basis.


In addition, such slabs are often designed as statically indeterminate structures. In order to achieve a certain level of robustness, the final structure must therefore possess a certain level of ability to withstand larger deformations without failing.


It is well known that the ability of reinforced concrete to deform is due to development of cracks. Hence, in this respect, the progressive development of cracks is beneficial. However, when considering members without shear-reinforcement, the same cracks also introduce certain “weakened” regions which effectively reduces the capacity with respect to shear.


The aim of the project is among others to increase the understanding of this rather delicate relation between the inevitable development of cracks and the shear-capacity of slabs.


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