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Istvan Nagy

Akademisk medarbejder

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Istvan Nagy

Akademisk medarbejder

  • Center for Kvantitativ Genetik og Genomforskning - Center for Kvantitativ Genetik og Genomforskning, Flakkebjerg

E-mail: istvan.nagy@qgg.au.dk

Telefon: +4587158208

Fields of interest and expertise:

♦genetic transformation of plants
♦gene expression and regulation
♦plant-pathogen interactions
♦plant genome analysis and marker development
♦genetic mapping in crop plants
♦high-throughput genotyping techniques
♦next Generation Sequencing technologies

Skills and knowledge

♦ plant in vitro techniques (tissue culture, plant regeneration, Agrobacterium-mediated   transformation, protoplast culture, transient expression)
♦ general DNA techniques (DNA and RNA isolation, hybridization, cloning, sequencing)
♦ transgene identification, GMO testing
♦ automated sequencing and fragment analysis techniques
♦ high-throughput library screening and genotyping techniques
♦ broad-spectrum experiences with statistics- and bioinformatics tools
♦ advanced user experiences in UNIX and Linux environments
♦ Linux system administration and High Performance Cluster experiences
♦ elementary programming skills (Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk, MySQL databases)
♦ experiences with software and tools for sequence assembly and for handling of NGS data

Graduation and Degrees

1993Candidate of Biological Sciences, Hungarian Aademy of Science
1991Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.), Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg
1984Diploma in Agricultural Genetics, University of Agricultural Sciences, Gödöllő
2009M.Sc. Agricultural engineering, University of Debrecen


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