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Lektor, Ph.d.




I have an international background and work multidisciplinarily. My field spans inter- and transdisciplinary social sciences research. I work at the interface of society, management, business and communication. My current focus areas are globalization, SMEs, sustainabaility and ecology, and creative industries. A major concern is the development of research strategies, conceptual issues, postmodern scientific theory, and in combination with empirical investigations of contemporary transformations.  

Akademiske ansættelser

2011 Honorary appointment as visiting professor, Center for Management and Organisation Studies CMOS, University of Technology Sydney, Australia (01. Februar – 31. Juli)
2011– Associate professor, Business and Social Sciences, Dep. of Business Communication, Aarhus University, Denmark
2006- Associate professor, Aarhus School of Business, ISEK, Denmark
2001 – 2003 Research associate professor, CEK, Aarhus University, Denmark
1998 – 2000 Research assistant professor, Aalborg University, Denmark
1994 – 1998 Doctoral Research scholarship, FREIA, Aalborg University, Denmark
1991 ERASMUS scholarship, University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1989 – 1991 IT and teaching assistant, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
1987 - 1988 Scholarship for one year of graduate studies at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA

Administrative ansættelser

2013 - Departmental board of esearch managers, BCOM, member
2012 - Study Council, BCOM, member


2003-2005 Subapplicant ”National network for research in and analysis of culture". The Danish Research Council for the Humanities SHF

2001 – 2003 Research project financed by a joint interdisciplinary research program "cultural encounters" , the Danish Research Council for the Social Sciences and for the Humanities (SSF/ SHF)

1996 Research project financed by the multidisciplinary Danish cross- council research program "Gender barriers in research and in higher education". Project employment from 1998 - 2000.

Mikombo: Funded Interdisciplinary network: Miljø, kommunikation og bæredygtig omstilling

Rittenhofer, I., Petersen, L. K., Læssøe, J., Povlsen, K. K. & Nielsen, H. Ø.


ERASMUS mobility grant/ staff exchange

Rittenhofer, I.


FKK project “What Makes Danish TV Series Travel? TV drama series as cultural export, transnational production and reception”.

Rittenhofer, I., Jacobsen, U. C., Waade, A. M., Jensen, P. M., Nielsen, J. I., Eichner, S., Esser, A., Agger, G., Hansen, K. T. & Redvall, E. N.


Familien Hede Nielsens Fond -

Rittenhofer, I.


MULTI-TRUST : Organic RDD project: Multicriteria assessment and communication of effects of organic food systems

Rittenhofer, I.


Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF) grant

Rittenhofer, I.


AUFF IDEAS project: What Makes Danish TV Drama Series Travel? Drama series as cultural export, cross-national production and reception in a global world

Waade, A. M., Rittenhofer, I., Jensen, P. M. & Nielsen, J. I.



Digital service management

Rittenhofer, I., 6 nov. 2018.

A Contextualized Case Study of How An Industry Manages Communication

Rittenhofer, I., 17 sep. 2018.

Secretly Popular: How Danish TV series access the Chinese market

Rittenhofer, I. & Liao, H., 1 jun. 2018.

Follow the product! An explorative case study of successful export at the interface of globalization and international business

Rittenhofer, I., 25 maj 2018.

Deductive, inductive, abductive and reflexive case study methods to study rainwater haversteing by tribals in India

Rittenhofer, I., Bachani, J. & Søndergaard, M., 25 jul. 2017.

Downscaling the Scandi-wave

Rittenhofer, I., 7 maj 2017, s. 1. 50 s.

Downscaling the Scandi-wave: An explorative study of 'Nordic Noir' television at the interface of globalization and international business

Rittenhofer, I., 31 mar. 2017. 49 s.

Global connectivity in country and destination branding

Rittenhofer, I., 8 nov. 2016.

Sustainability between marketing and mainstreaming

Rittenhofer, I., 12 okt. 2016.

Film strategy

Rittenhofer, I., 24 sep. 2016.

Film strategic country branding

Rittenhofer, I., 10 maj 2016.

Film strategic international marketing. A DMO case study: EURAM 16 full paper submission

Rittenhofer, I., 3 maj 2016. 40 s.

Jean K. Chalaby, The Format Age: Televisions Entertainment Revolution. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2016

Rittenhofer, I., 2016, I: Global Media and Communication. 12, 3, s. 335-336 2 s.

Transnationalisation in television. EURAM 2016 Developing Working Group

Rittenhofer, I., Mikos, L., Chalaby, J. & Kaptan, Y., 28 dec. 2015.

The reflexive case study method: A practice approach to SME globalization

Rittenhofer, I., 1 maj 2015, I: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research. 21, 3, s. 410-428 19 s.

A "practice turn" for global public relations: An alternative approach

Rittenhofer, I. & Valentini, C., 2015, I: Journal of Communication Management. 19 , 1, s. 2-19 18 s.

Aligning the notion of ‘public(s)’ for management communication in uncertain times

Jacobsen, U. C. & Rittenhofer, I., 2015.

Convergence and culture divergence? The uneven globalization of international tv business

Rittenhofer, I., 2015.

Organics, trust and credibility: A management and media research perspective

Rittenhofer, I. & Povlsen, K. K., 2015, I: Ecology & Society . 20, 1, 9 s., 6.

Qualitative measurements and interpretative approaches based on a complex gender model

Rittenhofer, I., 2015.

Riding the waves of 'Nordic Noir' in destination branding: Contribution to EUKO 2015

Rittenhofer, I., 2015.

Swarms: Exploring novel qualities of public relations: EUPRERA full paper submission for double blind review

Rittenhofer, I. & Jacobsen, U. C., 2015.

Travelling tv drama series: Exporting 'national' productions?

Rittenhofer, I. & Esser, A., 2015.

What do Coke and Broen have in common? Contribution to conference panel

Rittenhofer, I., 2015.

Challenging the trust imperative: what makes trust key to sustainability? EURAM 14 full paper submission, SIG Business & Society

Rittenhofer, I., 2014. 32 s.

RETHINK/ GENTÆNK - negotiating Danishness across borders

Rittenhofer, I., 2014, Exporting culture: Which role for Europe in a global world?. Henze, R. & Wolfram, G. (red.). Springer VS, s. 137-147 11 s.

Swarm conduct - challenging global public relations from within

Rittenhofer, I., 2014.

Place shaping policies

Rittenhofer, I., 21 aug. 2013.

Cultural Diversity in Relationship Management: A gap between globalization and public relations

Rittenhofer, I. & Valentini, C., 2013.

Nachhaltigkeit in der Wirtschaftskommunikation: Eine Einführung

Nielsen, M., Andersen, S. E., Ditlevsen, M. G., Pollach, I. & Rittenhofer, I., 2013, Nachhaltigkeit in der Wirtschaftskommunikation. Nielsen, M., Rittenhofer, I., Ditlevsen, M. G., Pollach, I. & Andersen, S. E. (red.). Springer VS, s. 9-18 10 s. (Europäische Kulturen in der Wirtschaftskommunikation, Bind 24).

Nachhaltigkeit in der Wirtschaftskommunikation

Nielsen, M. (red.), Rittenhofer, I. (red.), Ditlevsen, M. G. (red.), Andersen, S. E. (red.) & Pollach, I. (red.), 2013, Springer VS. 360 s. (Europäische Kulturen in der Wirtschaftskommunikation, Bind 24).

Sustainability in Business Communication: An Overview

Andersen, S. E., Ditlevsen, M. G., Nielsen, M., Pollach, I. & Rittenhofer, I., 2013, Nachhaltigkeit in der Wirtschaftskommunikation. Nielsen, M., Rittenhofer, I., Ditlevsen, M. G., Pollach, I. & Andersen, S. E. (red.). Springer VS, s. 21-46 (Europäische Kulturen in der Wirtschaftskommunikation, Bind 24).

The turn to culture in global public relations: conceptual issues and critique

Rittenhofer, I. & Valentini, C., 2013. 28 s.

Trust and credibility in organics: a management and media research perspective

Rittenhofer, I. & Povlsen, K. K., 2013.

Trust and responsible eco managing

Rittenhofer, I., 2013.

Trust and responsible eco managing. The case of state controlled repacking: EURAM full paper submission

Rittenhofer, I., 2013. 36 s.

An intercultural concept of ‘trust’ in management: Organic RDD project MULTI-TRUST related research paper

Rittenhofer, I., 14 jun. 2012.

Personal commitment and business design

Rittenhofer, I., 9 feb. 2012.

Cultural Diversity in Relationship Building: Conceptual Issues for Organizations

Rittenhofer, I. & Valentini, C., 2012.

Ecology and trust in management and business research 1995 - 2010. Tentative findings: MULTI-TRUST research paper

Rittenhofer, I., 2012, Organic Eprints.

Gender Mainstreaming and Employment in the European Union: A Review and Analysis of theoretical and policy literatures

Rittenhofer, I. & Gatrell, C., 2012, I: International Journal of Management Reviews. 14, 2, s. 201 - 216 17 s.

Interview at the level of the signifer: An interplay-of-practice approach to culturing organizations

Rittenhofer, I., 2012, Communication and PR from a Cross-cultural Standpoint: Practical and methodological issues. Carayol, V. & Frame, A. (red.). Bruxelles: Peter Lang, s. 67-85 17 s.

Multikriteriel vurdering og kommunikation af økologiske fødevaresystemer: Fem perspektiver på udfordringer og muligheder samt tværfaglige overvejelser

Læssøe, J., Rittenhofer, I., Alrøe, H. F., Noe, E., Christensen, T., Olsen, S. B., Dubgaard, A., Kærgård, N. & Povlsen, K. K., 2012, International Center for Forskning i Økologisk Jordbrug og Fødevaresystemer (ICROFS) . 53 s.

Teaching & Learning Guide: The guide accompanies the article on Gender Mainstreaming

Rittenhofer, I. & Gatrell, C., 2012, I: International Journal of Management Reviews. 14, 2, s. 201-216 16 s.

The Case Study Method for Research in Small- to Medium Sized Firms revised: Globalization and the Case of Organic Business Practices

Rittenhofer, I., 2012. 40 s.

Trust and credibility: Towards across-disciplinary perspective on organics combining media and management research

Rittenhofer, I. & Povlsen, K. K., 2012, Proceedings 10th European IFSA Symposium: Producing and reproducing farming systems. New modes of organisation for sustainable food systems of tomorrow. IFSA Europe, 11 s.

Trust and credibility in organics: A cross-disciplinary perspective from media studies and management research

Rittenhofer, I. & Povlsen, K. K., 2012.


Rittenhofer, I., 2011, The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World. Stange, M. Z., Oyster, C. K. & Sloan, J. E. (red.). SAGE Publications

Divorcing Globalization from Orientalism: Resembling Economies and Global Value Added

Rittenhofer, I., 2011, Cross-Cultural Management In Practice: Culture and Negotiated Meanings. Primecz, H., Romani, L. & Sackmann, S. (red.). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, s. 125-138 14 s.

Eco global connected?

Rittenhofer, I., 2011.

Intercultural Communication in the Age of Reflexive Modernization. Towards a transcultural methodology

Rittenhofer, I., 2011.

Personal commitment and business design

Rittenhofer, I., 2011.

The fourth pillar of sustainability: culture: Oral contribution to panel

Rittenhofer, I., 2011.

Creating culturally sustainable knowledge: Contribution to panel: Three Examinations of Sustainability

Rittenhofer, I., 2010.

Interview without a subject: The Russian doll question and cultural encounters

Rittenhofer, I., 2010, I: Journal of Intercultural Communication. 23, 18 s.

Place, Space or Scape?

Rittenhofer, I., 2010, Motion and emotion within place. 11 s.

Understanding global

Rittenhofer, I., 2010, I: Communication Director : Magazine for Corporate Communications and Public Relations. s. 24-27 4 s.

Elisabeth Plum 2007. Kulturel Intelligens. In cooperation with Benedicte Achen, Inger Dræby and Iben Jensen. Børsens forlag

Rittenhofer, I., 2009, I: Hermes. 42

Making sense of global competitive advantage

Rittenhofer, I., 2009, Striving for competitive advantage and sustainability: New Challenges of Globalization. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of the Society for Global Business and Economic Development (SGBED): 11th international conference on Global Business and Economic Development May 2009. Jayachandran, C., Subramanian, R. & Rudy, J. (red.). Center for International Business, School of Business, Montclair State University, s. 68-81 14 s.

Marketscapes: Market between Culture and Globalization

Rittenhofer, I. & Nielsen, M., 2009, I: Hermes. 43, s. 59-95 37 s.

Place, space or scape?

Rittenhofer, I. & Nielsen, M., 2009.

Reconceptualizing the market

Rittenhofer, I. & Nielsen, M., 2009. 271 s.

The 'G-Words': Critical Understandings of Globalizations in Context

Rittenhofer, I. & Nielsen, M., 2009, I: Hermes. 43, s. 7-11 5 s.

Divorcing Globalization

Rittenhofer, I., 2008.

Grenzüberschreitungen kooperativ gestalten

Rittenhofer, I., 2008, I: Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung. 9, 1, 10 s.

Interview without a subject: The Russian doll question and cultural encoutners in Danish universities

Rittenhofer, I., 2008. 1 s.

HERMES: The 'g-word': Critical understandings of globalisations in a corporate context

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Discourse as none-economic business environment: Corporate strategy and culture

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Impasse masculinity

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Queerforsker undersøger japansk livsstil

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COMPARATIV: Gender Comparisons. Northern and Western Europe in the 20th Century. (Temanummer)

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Voices past? The twitching and twisting bodies of gender

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Forestillinger om køn og forskning

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Om kønsmagnetismen: dansk forskningspolitik 1970-1990 i et kulturanalytisk perspektiv

Rittenhofer, I. & Center for Europæiske Kulturstudier med Afdeling for kønsforskning ved Aarhus Universitet, Aarhus Universitet, 2001, 37 s. Center for Europæiske Kulturstudier med Afdeling for Kønsforskning ved Aarhus Universitet.

Historicizing the "Glass Ceiling": the engendering of difference in German and Danish media presentations of leadershipdebates 1960-1989

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Mainstreaming som differentieret ligefordelingspolitik

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Askepot bager luksuskringle: kønsbarrierer i de højere uddannelser og i forskningen

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Ligestilling i forskning

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Diskurs und Konstruktion: die deutschen und dänischen Medienpräsentationen der Führungsdebatten 1960-1990 : eine komparative geschlechterhistorische Analyse

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Det kønnede samfund: forståelser af køn og social forandring

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Om kønsskifte og kønnede professioner

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Kan teorier om køn og ledelse forklare, hvorfor der er så få kvindelige ledere?

Rittenhofer, I., 1992, Cekvina.


What makes Danish TV drama series travel? A critical marketing perspective on COO

Iris Rittenhofer (Oplægsholder)

10 okt. 2014

Travelling tv-drama series: Exporting 'national' productions?

Iris Rittenhofer (Oplægsholder)

19 mar. 2015

Swarms: Exploring new qualities of public relations

Iris Rittenhofer (Oplægsholder)

1 okt. 2015

Strategic seminar on Open Access

Iris Rittenhofer (Deltager)

27 okt. 2014

Riding the Waves of Nordic Noir

Iris Rittenhofer (Foredragsholder)

28 okt. 201530 okt. 2015

Research Project seminar

Iris Rittenhofer (Oplægsholder)

16 dec. 2015

Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

19 maj 2016 → …

Journal of Cultural Management: Arts, Economics, Policy (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

15 aug. 201530 sep. 2015

Journal of Cross-Cultural Management (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

14 dec. 2014

International Journal of Management Reviews (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

10 mar. 20159 apr. 2015

European Management Review (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

27 apr. 201527 maj 2015

International Journal of Cross Cultural Management (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

13 nov. 2014 → …

International Journal of Enrepreneurial Behavior and Research (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

4 feb. 20164 mar. 2016

Interacting Minds: Exclusive workshop

Iris Rittenhofer (Deltager)

16 apr. 2015

How to research media business landscapes?

Iris Rittenhofer (Oplægsholder)

20 nov. 2014

European Management Review (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

22 aug. 201421 sep. 2014

EURAM 2016

Iris Rittenhofer (Deltager)

3 jun. 2016

EURAM 2016 (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

29 jan. 20161 mar. 2016

EURAM 2015 (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

10 feb. 20156 mar. 2015

CRU forskningsworkshop

Iris Rittenhofer (Arrangør)

20 maj 2015

Developing Working Group EURAM 2016

Iris Rittenhofer (Arrangør)

1 jun. 20164 jun. 2016

Corporate Communication. An International Journal (Tidsskrift)

Iris Rittenhofer (Fagfællebedømmer)

30 jan. 2015

Convergence and culture divergence? The uneven globalization of international TV business.

Iris Rittenhofer (Oplægsholder)

19 mar. 2015

Københavns Universitet

Iris Rittenhofer (Gæsteunderviser)

5 nov. 2015

Århus kommune, Borgmesterens afdeling (Ekstern organisation)

Iris Rittenhofer (Medlem)

15 jan. 2008 → …

ASB research workshop on sustainable innovation

Iris Rittenhofer (Deltager)

14 jan. 201014 okt. 2010

Book launch med Richard Gesteland: Cross-cultural management

Iris Rittenhofer (Foredragsholder)

11 maj 2010

Chair session 18: Global Challenges: Conference: Striving for Competitive Advantage & Sustainability: New Challenges of Globalization

Iris Rittenhofer (Deltager)

27 maj 200930 maj 2009

CRU - Interdisciplinary symposium on cultural research

Iris Rittenhofer (Arrangør)

13 nov. 2009

Expert Assessment Comittee (Ekstern organisation)

Iris Rittenhofer (Medlem)

31 jul. 20071 jan. 2008

Forskningslederuddannelse : Efteruddannelse

Iris Rittenhofer (Deltager)

17 jul. 200721 nov. 2007

FRAU - Female Researchers at Aarhus University (Ekstern organisation)

Iris Rittenhofer (Medlem)

1 jan. 2006 → …

Global citizenship. Corporate actions in context : Forskerworkshop

Iris Rittenhofer (Arrangør)

14 maj 2008

Honorary appointment as visiting professor

Iris Rittenhofer (Deltager)

1 feb. 201131 jul. 2011

Kandidatstudienævn BKOMBSS (Ekstern organisation)

Iris Rittenhofer (Medlem)

2010 → …

Kulturel intelligent kommunikation for projektledere

Iris Rittenhofer (Foredragsholder)

1 dec. 2011

Kvinder i Physik (Ekstern organisation)

Iris Rittenhofer (Medlem)

1 jan. 1999 → …

Network NGO-Research-Business for sustainability : Netværksopstart seminar med nationale og internationale deltagere og partnere

Iris Rittenhofer (Arrangør)

15 okt. 201025 okt. 2010

NGO-Business Research Network on Sustainability (Ekstern organisation)

Iris Rittenhofer (Medlem)

1 feb. 2010 → …

NGO-Business Research on Sustainability

Iris Rittenhofer (Arrangør)

25 okt. 2010

Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication (Ekstern organisation)

Iris Rittenhofer (Medlem)

1 jul. 2007 → …

PhD workshop: poststructuralist appraoches to communiation research

Iris Rittenhofer (Arrangør)

3 jun. 20104 jun. 2010

Review Panel, forlaget Pearson Education,UK:  Department for business and economics

Iris Rittenhofer (Deltager)

25 jan. 2008 → …

Strenghtening intercultural work relations

Iris Rittenhofer (Foredragsholder)

17 nov. 2010

Universitetspædagogikum : Efteruddannelse

Iris Rittenhofer (Deltager)

31 jan. 20071 mar. 2007

Unternehmensidentität und Unternehmenskultur im Spannungsfeld von externer und interner Unternehmenskommunikation, von Landeskultur und Globalisierung - 3. Interdisziplinäres Symposium der Forschungskooperation Europäische Kulturen in der Wirtschaftskommunikation (EUKO)

Iris Rittenhofer (Arrangør)

201012 nov. 2011


Izmir University of Economics. Lecturer.: Erasmus mobility grant. Summer school.

Rittenhofer, Iris (Modtager), 20 jul. 2016