Irene Harder Tarpgaard


Irene Harder Tarpgaard
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My research is focused on sufate reduction kinetic in marine sediments. From new investigations on distribution of sulfate reducing prokaryotes (SRP) in marine sediments we know that SRP are not only found in the sulfate zone but also in the methane zone where the sulfate is extremely limiting. The use of 35S-radiotracer experiments in combination with very sensitive ion chromatographic techniques has led to important progress in the basic understanding of kinetic controls of bacterial sulfate reduction and we have demonstrated, for the first time, the co-occurrence of low and high affinity populations of sulfate reducing bacteria in marine sediments. The high affinity population with half saturation constant below 4 µM, contributes to 35 % of the sulfate reduction in marine sediment with mM concentration of sulfate. This result has implications for all published literature on the effects of sulfate limitation in marine systems. I n addition to the kinetic experiments I have obtained new isolates under low sulfate concentration for detailed study of their physiology and adaptations to low sulfate concentrations.

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