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Inge S. Fomsgaard


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Inge S. Fomsgaard


  • Institut for Agroøkologi - Afgrødesundhed
  • WATEC, Centre for Water Technology - WATEC Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology, Foulum
Forsøgsvej 1
Blichers Allé 20

E-mail: inge.fomsgaard@agro.au.dk

Mobil: +4522283399

Curriculum Vitae



Name: Inge S. Fomsgaard,

Title: Associate Professor

Nationality: Danish

Country of residence: Denmark

Institution: Aarhus University

Contact details: +45 22283399 or +45 87158212

Home page: http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/inge.fomsgaard@agro.au.dk



Scientific qualifications: I am specialized in mass-spectrometry-based research in small molecules of relevance in all biological systems. Small molecules with my strongest dedication are the cereal benzoxazinoids. My research covers aspects such as biosynthesis, identification and quantification, transformation in the environment, adsorption, distribution, metabolisation, excretion, fate kinetics, interaction with weeds, diseases and pests, effects on mammals – toxicological as well as health promoting effects. My research is interdisciplinary and international and performed in collaboration with a long range of specialists in other research areas. My lab is equipped with one GC-TOF and five liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry instruments for target and un-target analysis, information dependent acquisition analysis, and preparative chromatography.

Management experience: Team leader for research team ”Natural Product Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry”. Applicant and project leader of major interdisciplinary and international projects (http://www.ryeproc.dk; http://www.breadandbreakfast.nu; http://www.amaranth-future-food.net). Total project grants received as project leader or work package leader last 10 years: ~40 mill DKK.

Memberships: Academic Council, Aarhus University, 2012-; The Danish Council for Independent Research / Technology and Production Sciences 2007 -2012; The Steering Committee of “The Danish Pesticide Leaching Assessment Program” 2004-2011.

International relations: Interdisciplinary research collaboration worldwide as seen from my publication list: Co-authors from USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Holland, France, Austria, Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, Nicaragua, Ghana, Mexico, Argentina.

Supervision of students since 1995: 6 postdocs, 17 PhD students, 14 MSc students.

University teaching and course management: Bachelor course in “Agricultural Ecotoxicology”; master course “Bioactive Molecules in Agriecology”; PhD summer school “Hands-on LCMSMS analysis of Small Molecules”.

Non-university technical teaching and course management (analytical chemistry): 1978 – 1992. Lecturer at technical schools approx. 7 years. Adviser at two public research institutions in Nicaragua approx. 7 years

Patent applications

Bekalu, Z.E.; Dionisio, G.; Madsen, C.K.; Holme, I.B.; Etzerodt, T.P.; Fomsgaard, I.S; Jørgensen, L.N.; Brinch-Pedersen, H. “Nepentesin and other proteases as resistance gene towards fungal diseases including Fusarium and Aspergillus infections in plants”. July 2017. EP17192155.4

Publications: ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4987-8511. ResearcherID: A-1053-2015. H-index: 27



PhD environmental chemistry 1998;

M.Sc. pharmacy (Da: cand.pharm) 1978 



Positions held:

2007-present: Associate professor at Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University

1995-2007: Senior scientist at Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (now merged with Aarhus University)

1992-1995: Scientist at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DIAS), Department of Crop Protection

1987-1992: DANIDA (Danish International Development Assistance) adviser at the Research Center for Aquatic Resources of Nicaragua. (Focus: Establishment of research infrastructure; supervision and capacity building)

1985 – 1987 Lecturer at Schools for Laboratory Technicians, Copenhagen, Hillerød and Roskilde

1983 – 1985 ICM/WUS adviser at the Food Technology Laboratory, Managua, Nicaragua

1978 – 1983 Lecturer at the School for Laboratory Technicians, Copenhagen, Denmark


Grants ≥0.5 Mill. DKK received as project or work package leader since 2001. Total 85.4 mill DKK.