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Kasper Lynge

Ph.D, Lektor

Kasper Lynge


Kasper is Deputy Head of Department at Department of Civil and Architechtural at Aarhus University, with the special responsibility for development, innovation and industrial collaboration. Kasper has many years of experience with R&D projects in the building sector in Denmark primarily focusing on indoor climate and sustainable construction. He has approx. 7 years of management experience. He teaches at bachelor (diploma) level in sustainable constructions as well as generel supervision of thesis-projects within sustainable construction. He was Cluster Manager of InnoBYG, which is a national cluster for sustainable construction serving as a platform for knowledge institutions (universities and GTS) and companies in Denmark and Head of Section for sustainable construction at Danish Technological Institute. He has an extensive network througout the Danish construction sector in the public, private and university sector. 

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