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Iben Have

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Iben Have


Research profile: 

My research profile is interdisciplinary across Media Studies, Sound Studies, Digital Humanities, Musicology, Sociology, Aesthetics, and Culture Studies. The focal point of my research is sound and media in different constellations: Music, voices, sound effects, ambient sound and digital audio archives in relation to film, television, video, radio and audiobooks, in both digital and electronic forms, and across the fields of reception-, text-, and institutional analysis. My primary interest is the interaction between medium, text/content and reception/use inspired by (post)phenomenology, affordance theory and sociology, but I also include production and institutional perspectives in studies of circuits of communication.


Teaching profile: I have 22 years of teaching and supervision experience (BA and MA) in both theoretical, empirical and production-based courses. My primary subject is Media Reception Analysis focusing on methodology and practical, empirical projects. At Media Studies I also teach Theories of Media, Culture, and Society and Media Text Analysis. At the department of Digital Design and Information Studies I have taught Audio Design and across the faculty of Arts I have taught several classes in Audiovisual Culture and Communication. I have extensive experience as a master thesis supervisor and as external examiner at KU, AAU and SDU. I have also offered courses and workshops in how to use the digital infrastructure LARM.fm (DIGHUMLAB).


Carlsberg Monograph Fellow at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) 2023-2024, https://aias.au.dk/

Promotion to professor programme at Aarhus University 2023-2026.

Research Programme Co-Director 2021-2023: Cultural Transformations, AU, https://cc.au.dk/en/research/research-programmes/cultural-transformations.

PhD Programme Director (2020- ): ICT, Media, Communication and Journalism, ARTS, AU, https://phd.arts.au.dk.

Co-founder and editor in chief of SoundEffects: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience – www.soundeffects.dk

Steering group member: Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus (CHC)

Managing group member of Digital Humanities Lab (DIGHUMLAB, https://dighumlab.org)

Co-developer of a HTML5-version of the digital archive and infrastructure LARM.fm – www.larm.fm

Advisory board member of Society of Phenomenology and Media

Goodwill Ambassador for Klitgaarden Refuge, https://www.klitgaarden.dk/


Assessed qualified as professor in January 2019, February 2022, May 2022 at two Danish Universities.


Grants: Danish Council for Independent Research (PhD Grant; Journal Grant; Research Projects 2 Grants (as participant) A Century of Radio and Music in Denmark and High-Tension Aesthetics). AU Ideas/AUFF (Starting Grant; Pilot Center Grant (participant) Literature between Media; Publication Grant)


PhD Supervision (main supervisor): Sigrid Nielsen Saabye. Hvad bruges podcasts til – en undersøgelse af udvælgelsen, situationen og motiverne bag podcastlytning (working title) (2015-2018); Vadim Kaylin, Aesthetics and Politics of Participation in Sound Art (2017-2021). Helle Breth Klausen. A Netnographic study of ASMR-videos (2018-2021).


PhD Committees:

Freja, Sørine Adler Berg, Uafhængig podcasting i en tværmedial tidsalder (SDU, Denmark, 2022). Elisa Tattersall Wallin, Sound Reading: Exploring and conceptualising Audiobook Practices among young adults (University of Borås, Sweden, 2022). Signe Kjær Jensen, Musicalized Characters: A study of music, multimodality, and the empiric child perspective on mainstream animation (Linnaeus University, Sweden, 2021). Troels Østergaard, Popular Music Journalism in the Digital Era: A Cross-National Content Analysis of Popular Music Journalism in Danish and German News Media (AU, Denmark, 2021, chairing). Jesper Steen Andersen, How to Think Music with Data: Translating from Audio Content Analysis to Music Analysis (IVA, KU Denmark, 2017); Andreas Ægidius, Håndteringen af musikfiler i krydsfeltet mellem downloading og streaming (SDU, Denmark 2017); Maja Sonne Damkjær, Medialiseret forældreskab: Digitale mediers rolle i overgangen til forældreskabet (chair, AU 2017); Susan Toms, Listening to the Library: Preadolescent student perceptions of downloadable audiobooks on their literacy development (University of New England, Australia 2016); Mette Simonsen Abildgaard, Accesible Radio: Archive, accessibility and materiality in the youth radio programme P4 in P1 (SDU 2014, Denmark); Nina Gram, Når musikken virker – en undersøgelse af lydens mobilisering og mediering i det urbane rum (chair, AU 2013, Denmark).


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