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Tools for the Knowledge-Based Organization: Proposal for a Consortium

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportRapportRådgivning


• It is proposed that a consortium for research on and development of tools for the knowledge-based organization be established at Learning Lab Denmark.
• The knowledge-based organizations must refine and use the knowledge held by its members and not confuse it with the information held by its computers. Knowledge specialists cannot be managed and directed in the classical sense. The organization needs to be rehumanized and conditions for reflection, learning and autonomy enhanced, so that its collective knowledge may be better used to create real value for its stakeholders.
• To help organizations do this, tools need to be researched, sophisticated or invented. Broadly conceived, tools include ideas, such as theories, missions and business plans, practices, such as procedures and behaviors, and instruments, such as questionnaires, indicators, agendas and methods.
• The intellectual context for this consortium is the literatures on the knowledge society, knowledge management and organizational learning. This is also the scholarly field to which research contributions are likely to be directed.
• At this early stage, a dozen possible partners and projects for the consortium exist. They include a Master’s degree in knowledge management, a web- or print-based intelligence hub for the knowledge society, collaboration with the Danish intellectual capital reporting project, ongoing research on expertise and ethics in knowledge workers, a comparative study of competence development in five case organizations, case-based research on knowledge enablers in a biotech company, and development cases on knowledge-sharing activities in a engineering firm and in a trade union.
• Although essentially without walls, the consortium is an experiment in knowledge sharing in its own right, in that the researchers and practitioners involved in the multiple projects will be induced to interact and cross-fertilize in a manner not usually seen in the academic world.
Antal sider12
Rekvirerende organLearning Lab Denmark (Partner)
StatusUdgivet - 19 feb. 2002


  • Knowledge, Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing, Knowledge society, Consortium, Research consortium, Proposal, Research

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