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From one-way communication to active involvement: White paper published by VisitDenmark

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1. Most large meetings and conferences share a particular format: Multiple presentations, often backed by PowerPoints, are given to an audience of passive listeners.
2. Such one-way communication taxes participants’ attention and energy and is unlikely to produce major changes in their knowledge, attitudes or subsequent behavior.
3. Underlying this meeting format is the information transmission model. It assumes that information sent equals information received. But the mind filters and discards information not perceived as immediately relevant or usable. This is the fate of most presentations.
4. A more viable model of human communication has people sharing knowledge that leads to action. To generate such actionable knowledge, meetings must enable participants to be active, to interpret and discuss the presentations, to be autonomously motivated, to engage in social relations with peers and strangers at the meeting and to clarify the value they can create for others after the meeting.
5. Three design principles for knowledge-sharing meetings are offered: Meetings must transform (1) information delivered in presentations, through (2) knowledge sharing into (3) action that creates results.
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Rekvirerende organVisitDenmark
StatusUdgivet - jan. 2016


  • Meetings, Information, Knowledge, PowerPoint presentations, Conferences, Participation, Learning, Involvement, Meeting professionals, Meeting planners, Facilitation, Facilitering af videnprocesser, Læring, Livslang læring

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