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Henrik Daniel Kjeldsen


Henrik Daniel Kjeldsen


I am a research-oriented engineer focused on complex research and engineering problems across a broad section of the technical fields.
I pursue innovation and technological progress with passion and dedication, and have a proven track-record on the cutting edge of science and technology.
I have a natural talent for out-of-the-box thinking, coupled with deep theoretical and practical understanding of fundamental technical challenges underlying many current engineering problems.
I specialize particularly in new technological challenges; rather than over-specializing in one specific subject, I leverage my broad technical experience to rapidly analyze new challenges, acquire the necessary skills, and formulate and implement new development approaches.
My primary tools are computer simulations, rapid prototyping and multidisciplinary integration. I prototype algorithms in Matlab and applications in C++, but also work in both lower- and higher-level languages, and with specialized hardware from experimental lab equipment to embedded platforms and GPUs. I consider my primary professional value to be my ability to acquire new technical skills.

ID: 126726644