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Henrik Bjarne Møller


Henrik Bjarne Møller
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I am employed as a senior scientist at the de Department of Biosystems Engineering (IBT). I’ve worked with research since 1998, and have a Ph.D degree from Danish Technical University. Before that I worked with biogas in a consultant company. Besides doing research I am responsible for teaching and supervising of Ph.D students.

Research area:

My research area is mainly focused on different aspect of anaerobic digestion and manure treatment and I am project leader of a long range of projects.

The following research items have been covered during the last years:

1.     The influence of biogas on greenhouse gas emissions

2.     Pre-treatments by thermo-chemical and enzymatic techniques.

3.     Utilisation of new biomasses as energy crops and crop residues.

4.     Process control by varies indicators especially VFA by GC or titration has been studied.

5.     Use of meadow grass for biogas production.

6.     Biogas in organic farming.

7.     Inhibition of anaerobic digestion.

8.     Marine biomass for biogas.

9.     Short and long term changes of biogas output to meet seasonal variation of energy demands.

At the moment my research area is biogas from manure and how pre-treatment can enhance the yield by chemical, physical and enzymatic processes. Furthermore I am involved in several projects on how to integrate organic farming and biogas and we are constructing a new advanced biogas plant that can treat crops, meadow grass and manure.

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