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Henning Bunzel

Lektor emeritus

Henning Bunzel


Associate Professor

Position: Associate Professor
Administrative Assistant: Kirsten Stentoft

Research Secretary: Karina Rasmussen

Henning Bunzel is Associate Professor (docent) at the School of Economics and Management. He graduated from Aarhus University and has been employed here since with a few interruptions for when being a Visiting Professor at the Centre for Computational Research in Economics and Management Science, MIT, Boston, USA, Professor of Econometrics at Aalborg University, and teacher of a graduate course in Financial Econometrics at Department of Economics, Iowa State University   

Teaching Interests 

Research Interests

  • Statistical computation and nonlinear optimization
  • Applied and theoretical econometrics
  • Object oriented design of statistical database
  • Dynamic, structural labour market models
  • Dynamic micro simulation models

Selected Publications

  • Structural Models of Wage and Employment Dynamics, (jointly with B.J. Christensen, G.R. Neumann, J.-M. Robin (eds.)) North-Holland 2006.
  • Panel Data and Structural Market Models, (jointly with B.J. Christensen, P. Jensen, N.M. Kiefer, D.T. Mortensen), North-Holland.
  • Panel Data and Labour Market Dynamics, (jointly with P. Jensen and N. Westergård-Nielsen) North-Holland. 1993.
  • Equilibrium Search with Human Capital Accumulation, (jointly with B.J. Christensen, N.M. Kiefer and L. Korsholm) in: Panel Data and Structural Market Models, North-Holland. 2000
  • Udviklingslinier i Økonometrien (jointly with B.J. Christensen, N. Haldrup, V. Høst, S. Hylleberg, P. Jensen and A. Würtz). I: Chr. Hjorth-Andersen (ed.) Udviklingslinier i økonomisk teori. Jurist- og Økonomforbudets Forlag. 2000
  • Specification and Estimation of Equilibrium Search Models for Denmark (jointly with B.J. Christensen, P. Jensen, N.M. Kiefer, L. Korsholm, L. Muus, G.R. Neumann, M. Rosholm). /Review of Economic Dynamics/, pp 90-126, 2001

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