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Hemanshul Garg


Hemanshul Garg


Research Interests
{ Fluid-structure interaction (FSI): applications in biomedical engineering, energy harvesting, drag
reduction, ocean engineering and renewable energy etc.
{ Computational modeling: code development by utilizing FDM, FVM, FEM, Meshless methods and
many more.
{ Renewable energy: development and implementation of the computational models to study
electrochemistry, thermal safety and mechanics involved in Li-ion batteries.
{ Flow-induced or vortex-induced vibration (FIV or VIV): application to energy harvesting and thermal
{ Heat transfer applications involving conjugate heat transfer (CHT), mixed/natural convection, and
convective heat transfer for instance in electronics cooling.
{ Coupled dynamics: VIV-mixed/natural convection, CHT-mixed/natural convection, FSI-CHTmixed/
natural convection.
{ Buoyancy-driven structures and flows.
{ Multi-physics applications: learn, develop, and incorporate challenging computational methods for
interdisciplinary applications.

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