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Helge Knudsen

Cand. et Lic. Scient., Professor emeritus

Vita of Helge V. Knudsen


Lektor emeritus


Department of Physics and Astronomy (IFA)
University of Aarhus
DK 8000 Aarhus C


+45 8715 0000 (operator)
+45 8715 5596 (office)

+45 2338 2411 (mobile)


+45 8612 0740

e mail:

hk @ phys.au.dk

Home address:

Ved Stranden 145
DK 8250 Egaa

Date of birth:

26 April 1947 in Aarhus, Denmark


Married with one child


Masters degree 1973, University of Aarhus
Ph D degree 1977, University of Aarhus

Positions held:

Ass. lecturer 1973 78 University of Aarhus
Guest Scientist 1977 78 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Professor (lektor) 1978 University of Aarhus
Scientific Consultant 1987 Los Alamos National Laboratory
Scientific Consultant 1988 Los Alamos National Laboratory
Member of the board of IFA 1990-1996
Spokesman for PS194 collaboration at CERN 1995-97
Member of the board of ASACUSA collaboration, CERN 1998-
Group leader in the ACE collaboration, CERN 2002-

Professor emeritus Aarhus University 2014-

Current Research interests:

Experimental investigations of charge changing atomic collisions, with special emphasis on the behaviour of few electron systems. Multiple elec¬tron processes and electron correlation in dynamic systems. Impact of particles and their antiparticles on atoms and molecules. Positron Physics. Production of Antihydrogen. Photoionization of ions. Ultrarelativistic atomic collisions. Radiotherapy with antiprotons.

International collaboration:

Member of the PS194 collaboration at LEAR, CERN from 1986-97
Member of the WA99 collaboration at SPS, CERN from 1993
Organizer of the XVIII International Conference on the Physics of
Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC), Aarhus Denmark 1993
Member of the ICPEAC General Committee from 1995
Member of the ATHENA collaboration at CERN from 1996-1999
Member of the EUROTRAP TMR EEC network from 1997-2001
Member of ASACUSA collaboration at CERN from 1997
Member of AD Users Committee (ADUC) at CERN from 1997
Member of CRYRING Programme Advisory Committee (CPAC) at Stock¬holm University from 1997 - 2001
Organizer of the second international workshop on atomic collisions and atomic spectroscopy with slow antiprotons (PBAR01), Aarhus, Denmark 2001.
Organizer of the International Workshop on Low Energy Positron and Positronium Physics (POSITRON03) Aarhus, Denmark 2003.
Member of the ACE collaboration at CERN 2002 -
Member of the steering committee for the future Low Energy Antiproton Facility at GSI, Darmstadt 2003-
Member of the International committee, LEAP conferences 2005-
Member of the International committee, VARENNA conferences 2005-
Member of the International committee, LEPPP conferences 2005-
Member of the NA63 collaboration at CERN 2005-

Public Relations:

Chairman of IFA's PR committee 1999-
Member of the Aarhus County Steering group for the Danish Science Festival 2000-
Responsible for the IFA visitors service. 1997-
Responsible for the public lectures of the Science Faculty 2006 -
Member of the faculty of Science Committee for Public relations 2007-

Other administration:

Member of the Faculty of Science Committee for Vocational Guidance 2005-
Member of the IFA Council 2007 -
IFA's employment officer 2008-
Member of the board of the Danish Physical Society 2008-

Chairman of the External Examiners in Physics and astronomy, The Danish Universities 2014 -


More than 200 scientific articles, the majority of which published in peer - reviewed journals.
Many popular papers.
See my publication list.

A few recent publications:

C. Scheidenberger, .... , H. Knudsen,.... (20 authors): "Electromagnetically-induced nuclear charge pickup observed in ultra-relativistic Pb collisions" Phys. Rev. Letters 88 042301 (2002)

S.. P. Møller, A. Csete, T. Ichioka, H. Knudsen, U. I. Uggerhøj, and H. H. Andersen: "Antiprot¬on Stopping at Low Energies: Confirmation of Velocity-Proportional Stopping Po¬wer" Phys. Rev. Letters 88 193201-1 (2002)

S.P.Møller, A. Csete, T. Ichioka, H.Knudsen, U.I.Uggerhøj, and H.H.Andersen: "Stop¬ping Power in Insulators and Metals without Charge Exchange" Phys. ReV. Letters. 93, 042502-1(2004)

Michael H. Holzscheiter, Niels Bassler, Nzhde Agazaryan, Gerd Beyer, Ewart Blackmore, John J. DeMarco, Michael Doser, Ralph E. Durand,OliverHartley, Keisuke S. Iwamoto, Helge V. Knudsen, Rolf Landua, Carl Maggiore, William H. McBride, Søren Pape Møller, Jørgen Petersen, Lloyd D. Skarsgard, James B. Smathers, Timothy D. Solberg, Ulrik I. Uggerhøj, Sanja Vranjes, H. Rodney Withers, Michelle Wong, and Bradly G. Wouters: The biological effectiveness of antiproton irradiation, Journal of Radiotherapy and Oncology 81, 233 (2006)

H. Knudsen, H.-P. E. Kristiansen, H. D. Thomsen, U. I. Uggerhøj, T. Ichioka, S. P. Møller, C. A. Hunniford, R.W. McCullough, M. Charlton, N. Kuroda, Y. Nagata, H. A. Torii, Y. Yamazaki, H. Imao, H. H. Andersen, and K. Tökesi: Ionization of Helium and Argon by Very Slow Antiproton Impact Phys. Rev. Letters 101, 043201 (2008)


Editor of the proceedings XVIII International Conference on the Physics of
Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC), Aarhus Denmark 1993 (American Institute of Physics Press)
Editor of the proceedings of the 3rd Euroconference on Atomic Physics at Accelerators, Aarhus, Denmark 2001 (Kluwer Academic Publishers)
Editor of the proceedings of the International Workshop on Low Energy Positron and Positronium Physics (POSITRON03) Aarhus, Denmark 2003 (Elsevier Science Publishers)