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Hanne Nørr Fentz

PhD, post doc, Postdoc

Hanne Nørr Fentz
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Extensive research has shown a strong association between couple relationship functioning and individual psychopathology, such as depression and anxiety. Moreover, relationship discord and dissatisfaction have been found to predict poorer outcome for both pharmacological and individual-based therapies for depression. I am interested in how normal and dysfunctional family processes develops over time, and how the interplay in close relationships may buffer against, trigger or maintain psychological distress and psychopathology in the individual. My research areas focus on:

  • theoretical models on risk factors for depression (postnatal depression) and anxiety disorders
  • the close interrelationship between family functioning, the couple relationship and psychopathology
  • the relationship between gender roles, expectations in the family and contextual stressors  
  • adapting, developing and evaluating interventions targeting distress and psychopathology in the couple or individual 

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