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Hagen Schulz-Forberg


Hagen Schulz-Forberg


Since 2007 I teach mainly global history and economic as well as global thought and European history as well as European integration within international MA programmes at AU. Before joining Aarhus University, I was Research Fellow at the European University Institute. I studied history, philosophy and literature at Freie Universität Berlin and at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, where I graduated. I received my PhD at the European University Institute in Florence. In between academic career steps I founded a company and worked as project manager and consultant for an international NGO in Geneva as well as for the Council of Europe.

Recently, I had the pleasure to coordinate two projects on transnational conceptual history: 1)Together with Bo Stråth, I ventured into Global Translations of the Social and the Economic in Europe and Asia (2007-2011) and 2)Together with colleagues from Aarhus and further afield I explored Zero Hours: Conceptual Insecurities and New Beginnings in the Twentieth Century from a Global Perspective (2009-). A project that is still ongoing as a theme among us. From February 2013 to October 2016, I directed the collaborative research project Towards Good Society: Conceptualizing the Social Through the Economic from the 1930s until Today (2013-2016), funded by the VELUX foundation.

I publish within the fields of transnational history, global history, intellectual history, European history, European integration, travel and tourism, historiography, and cultural history. Mostly, I prefer a conceptual historical approach to my research, which also leads me to write on more theoretical, interdisciplinary issues such as the European public sphere, sovereignty and the welfare state or to focus on the conceptual history economic thought and its social imagination. Theoretically and methodologically, I have recently worked on global conceptual history as a new approach to historical investigation and on ways of breaking with the past and thus on the role of time, temporalisation and historicisation. 

My latest monograph (2010), co-authored with Bo Stråth, entitled The Political History of European Integration. The Hypocrisy of Democracy-through-market, London, Routledge, was short-listed for the European Book Prize 2011

Further more recent publications include A Global Conceptual History of Asia, London, Pickering&Chatto, 2014, and (with Niklas Olsen) Re-Inventing Western Civilisation. Transnational Reconstructions of Liberalism in Europe in the Twentieth Century, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014.

I am currently writing a monograph for Wiley on Contemporary Europe since the 1970s as well as on the history of liberalism and neoliberalism in Europe and beyond, especially on the period of early neoliberalism from the 1930s to the 1960s.

I supervise PhDs in the field of conceptual history, intellectual history, European history, global history, economic thought, development studies, and memory studies. My MA students write their theses in all the above-mentioned fields as well as on the history of human rights, governance and transnational CSR, regime change, democratization, and minorities such as the Roma in Europe.


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