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Hafeez Ur Rehman


Hafeez Ur Rehman



Title: Characterizing soil surface and engineering properties with water vapour sorption and visible near-infrared spectroscopy

Soil surface and engineering properties such as cation exchange capacity (CEC), specific surface area (SSA), and the Atterberg limits (AL) are crucial for several agronomic, environmental, and engineering applications. The importance and applications of these properties imply that it is imperative to have standard methods for their accurate characterization of arable soils or engineering materials. For large-scale studies (national or regional scale), the methodology should be affordable, cost- and time-effective, and environmentally friendly.

In this project, our aim is to:

  1. Determine the applicability of vis-NIR spectroscopy in estimating the CEC of soils
  2. develop and evaluate methodology to quantify Qs by using vis-NIR spectroscopy and water vapour sorption as an alternative to conventional methods
  3. Establish a model framework where the Atterberg limits (liquid limit, plastic limit and shrinkage limit) are obtained from vis-NIR and water vapour sorption data 


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