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Gorm Harste


Curriculum Vitae

CV for Gorm Harste


Work place:       Department of Political Science and Government, Aarhus University; 8000 Aarhus C; Denmark

Civil status:        born 1955, married with Bernadette Dubois, two adult children.


1977 - 1978         postgraduate Diplôme des Etudes Européennes from Univer­sité de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

1980                      MA in Philosophy, Aarhus University

1983                      MA in Political Science (grade 13 for dissertation, later accepted at ph.d.-level in appointment committee)

1983 autumn     Scholarship at Berkeley, Department of Sociology

1984 - 1986        assistant lecturer in sociology at Universities of Odense and Copenhagen

1986 - 1990        assistant professor at Institute of Communication, University of Aalborg,

1987 - 1996         Coordinator at Nordic Network on Time Diagnosis (“Zeitdiagnosen”), under NSU, later NorFa (Theme: “Democracy and Rule of Law” from 1993-1996)

1991 - 1992         temporary assoc. professor, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University

1992 - 1994        Senior research fellow, University of Odense. Research centre at humanities: Man and Nature

1994 - 1995        Senior fellow, Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus

1996 -                   associate professor, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University

1996 - 2001       Member of Council of Nature, Danish Government, and UN Council on Conditions for  Social Progress (preparing COP 21)

2000                    Scholarship at CRNS, Montpellier; Centre de Guerre, États, Histoire;

2003 - 2005     Director of Studies at Department of Political Science, Aarhus University

2007 - 2010      Head of Section of Sociology, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University

2007 -                  Coordinator of network for international conferences in systems theory; conference director at InterUniversity Centre of Postgraduate Studies, Dubrovnik

2009 - 2017      Head of Sociological Council for bibliometrics, Danish Research Department;

2009 - 2015      Board member of Danish Sociology Association and national representative in  ESA

2011                      Vice-president for Research Network on Social Theory, European Sociological Association

2013                     Chairman of AFPAF (Artist For Peace and Freedom)

2015 - 2021       Steering Group of Reformation: Lutheran Mentalities (LUMEN; financed by several grants)

2016                     Defence of Senior dissertation (disputats, dr. scient.pol.) Copenhagen University


Writing, reading and talking competences: Danish, German, French, English, Swedish

Accredited at the level of professor 2007 (Aalborg University) and 2009 (Aarhus University)