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Giuseppe Dionisio

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Giuseppe Dionisio
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I am a Senior advisor in the field of Plant Biotechnology at Aarhus University, Flakkebjerg Campus, Department of Agroecology, section of Crop Genetics and Biotechnology. I have a Bachelor in Biological Sciences, background as biologist, PhD in Plant Biochemistry and extensive Post-doc experience in Plant and Microbial Molecular Biology. My Plant Biotechnology achievements are related to either “transgenic” or “cisgenic” protein over-expression in plant as proof of concept (i.e. plant purple acid phaspahtases with phytase activity: PAPhytases). Furthermore, to study plant enzymes mechanism, e. g. PAPhytases, I have been part of a team that have crystallyzed and solved the 3D structure of the wheat isoform PAPhy_b2. My extensive knowledge in analytical techniques led me to implement the study of the proteins and metabolites with Omics techniques using LC_MS based Metabolomics and Proteomics. With the application of the genome editing techniques, I have been part of projects for modifying the ethylene sensing in plants with success in flowering plants. And continuing the CRISPR/Cas9 assisted genome editing I have been involved in other projects modifying the color of carrot taproots (i.e. from orange to purple and from purple to orange or violet).

Biopharming, expressing candidate vaccine subunits in plant tissues or tissue culture, is my latest interest as well as the plant metabolic engineering in order to increase the production of plant metabolites of industrial and health interest. Novo Nordisk Foundation is my major source of external funding.

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