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2006-2013PhD studerende, Aarhus Universitet
2008Cand. Scient. (del B eksamen PhD)
2003-2006BSc studerende biologi, Aarhus Universitet
2000-2003Biologistuderende, Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena, Tyskland


Fra Oktober 2018Adjunkt (tenure track), Aarhus Universitet
2016-2018Postdoc, Aarhus Universitet
2014-2016Postdoc, Hamburg Universität, Tyskland
2013-2014Postdoc, Aarhus Universitet
2009, 2011-2012Barselsorlov


ImpaRT: Impact of hydraulic Redistribution by trees on temperate floodplain forests

Eller, F. P.


Integrating Plant Ecophysiology and Genetics with Plant-Insect Interactions in Response to Global Change

Brix, H., Sorrell, B. K., Ren, L., Eller, F. P., Lambertini, C. & Guo, W.


PhragNet: PhragNet: Understanding Range Expansions and Biological Invasions of Plants under Global Change

Brix, H., Sorrell, B. K., Lambertini, C., Guo, W., Eller, F. P. & Ren, L.

01/01/2008 → …

REENEW: Reed as a renewable bioenergy-resource under acclimation-constraints to a changing world

Eller, F. P.




Effects of litter species and genetic diversity on plant litter decomposition in coastal wetland

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