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Franziska Eller


Franziska Eller
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I am a plant eco-physiologist and my research is focusing on plant acclimation and adaptation to global changes. I am particularly interested in wetland plant ecology. Some of the central questions, my research tries to answer, are centered around intraspecific variation: Which mechanisms shape variation within a species? Are these mechanisms different for widespread and endemic species? What is the role of local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity for intraspecific variation, and does it matter for their acclimation to the changing environment?

My research also has applied aspects, such as the utilization of wetland plant biomass as biofuels, and the cultivation of those plants on rewetted areas (so-called paludiculture). Plants sequester carbon from the atmosphere and are therefore pivotal for attempts of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and storing carbon in vegetated ecosystems. My research seeks to find the processes that are underlying a maximization of carbon sequestration. 

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