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Finn Skou Pedersen


  • Institut for Molekylærbiologi og Genetik - RNA-biologi og -innovation
  • Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center - INANO-MBG, Gustav Wied 10
C.F. Møllers Allé 3
1131, 530
Aarhus C
Gustav Wieds Vej 10
Aarhus C

E-mail: fsp@mbg.au.dk

Telefon: +4587155475


FINN SKOU PEDERSEN, November 24, 1948, Danish citizen
Home Address: Præstehaven 47, DK-8210 Aarhus, Tel.: ++4586155654
Office: +45 87150000; direct, +45 87155475, e-mail: fsp@mb.au.dk; fax.: +45 8619 6500 and/or +45 8612 3178

1973 M.Sc. (Cand. scient.), biology and biochemistry, Univ. of Copenhagen/Univ. of Aarhus.
1976 Ph.D. in molecular biology, The Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Aarhus.

1973 1976: Research fellow at Department of Molecular Biology, Aarhus University;
1976 1979/80: Post doctoral research associate at Sidney Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass., USA (Laboratory of W.A. Haseltine).
1980 1995: Associate professor at Department of Molecular Biology, University of Aarhus.
1995 2005: Professor in oncological molecular biology, Department of Molecular and Structural Biology, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, University of Aarhus.
2005- :Professor in Retroviral Molecular Biology, Dept. of Molecular Biology, Univ. of Aarhus

Academic work:
- more than 200 international publications (excluding abstracts), including 191 original scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, 10 peer-reviewed survey-papers and more than 30 published, independent patents.
- Principal supervisor for 111 M.Sc. projects and 51 Ph.D. projects (49 completed and 2 ongoing).
- Grant application reviewer for many national and international foundations; member of the Medical and Scientific Board of the Danish Cancer Society, 2000-2005; Panel evaluator for The Norwegian Cancer Society 2007-11 & 2011-14; member of more than 10 review panels of the European Commission.
- Member of the editorial boards of Retrovrology (2004-10) and Advances in Virology (2008-). Reviewer of on the average two manuscripts per month for journals in molecular biology, genetics, virology, cancer research, and biotechnology (e.g. Nucl. Acids Res.. Nature Methods, Nature Struc. Biol., J. Mol. Biol., PNAS, Oncogene, Human Molecular Genetics, RNA, J. Virol., Mol. Cell. Biol.).
- Member of numerous thesis committees and committees for academic appointments, including ten professor appointments.

Memberships, chairmanships:
Contract partner in 4 successive EURATOM shared cost research contracts (1983–1999); Corresponding member, European Late Effects Project Group (1984-); Chairman, Biological Society of Jutland (1985-93); Danish representative, Planning group for gene technology, Nordic Council of Ministers (1988 92);
Representative, The National Committee for Biochemistry (1988 94); Board member, The Danish Centre for Human Genome Research (1991 98); Coordinator, international EC BRIDGE shared cost research contract (retroviral vectors) (1991 93 ); Member of Danish Natural Science Academy (1992 ); Administrative head (chairman) of the Dept. of Molecular Biology, Aarhus University (1994 95); Member of the executive board, Faculty of Natural Science (1994 95); Coordinator, EC Biotechnology 2 shared cost research contract (Retroviral vectors) (1995 98); Sector coordinator, EC Biotechnology Programme (Gene Therapy contracts, 1995 98); Member, ACTIP (Animal Cell Technology Industrial Platform (1995 99); Contract partner, EC BioMed concerted action (Gene therapy for AIDS, 1996 99); Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Bavarian Nordic Research Institute A/S (1997–2000) ; Member, Scientific Advisory Board, M & E Biotech A/S (now Pharmexa) (1997–2000); Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (1998 ); Member the Intellectual property board, Aarhus University (1999 2004); Member of the Medical and Scientific Board of The Danish Cancer Society (2000-2005); Member of the patent board, Aarhus University (2000-); Consultant to Sagres Discovery, Davis, CA, USA (2000-2003): Advisor to Picobella LP, Burlingame, CA, USA (2003- ); Programme director of the Danish siRNA Delivery Centre (2003- ); Co-founder of Retrovec ApS (2004- ); Member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Molecular Clinical Cancer Research (2005-); Co-founder of InVitroQ ApS (2005); Member of the Evaluation committee for Carlsbergs Mindelegat for Brygger J. C. Jacobsen (2005-08), Co-founder of EnFutech ApS (2007), Co-founder of SKAU Vaccines (2007), Panel evaluator for The Norwegian Cancer Society (2007-11 & 2011-14). Co-founder of Zymonositics (2013).

Research interests:
University of Aarhus, 1972-76: Regulation of the synthesis of guanosinetetra- and –pentaphosphates in Escherichia coli. Key publication: Pedersen, F.S., Lund, E. & Kjeldgaard N.O.: Codon specific tRNA dependent in vitro synthesis of ppGpp and pppGpp. Nature (London) New Biol. 243, 13-15 (1973).
Harvard Medical School, 1976–79/80: Genome variation and biology of murine leukemia viruses and other retroviruses. Key publication: Pedersen, F.S., Crowther, R.L., Tenney, D.Y., Reimold, A. & Haseltine, W.A.: Novel leukaemogenic retroviruses isolated from a tumour cell line derived from a spontaneous AKR tumour. Nature (London) 292, 167-170 (1981)
Aarhus University, 1980–present: Molecular retrovirology, including retroviral replication, virus-host interactions, retroviral gene transfer and retroviral pathogenicity. In the later years, the research also includes other aspects of gene and cell technology. Has since 1980 authored 47 original papers in J. Virol., the leading journal of experimental virology.

Original peer-reviewedpublications:

1.Pedersen, F.S., Lund, E. & Kjeldgaard N.O.: Codon specific tRNA dependentin vitro synthesis of ppGpp and pppGpp. Nature (London) New Biol. 243, 13-15(1973).

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