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Fie Følbæk Drachmann


Fie Følbæk Drachmann


PhD project: Intramuscular fat in beef – impact of genotype, age and sex
Aarhus University
Department: Department of Food Science
Supervisor: Margrethe Therkildsen, Associate Professor
Co-supervisor: Jette Feveile Young, Associate Professor
Project term: 010819 – 310722
Master’s degree: MSc in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology, Aarhus University



The amount of intramuscular fat (IMF) in beef is the one factor contributing mostly to the flavor of beef, and flavor is highly linked to the overall liking and quality perception of beef. Rearing animals with a high degree of IMF (marbling) is associated with a large feed intake and thus results in a high environmental impact per kilogram of meat. However, favorable genetic correlations have been found between IMF, juiciness and tenderness, and additionally, IMF has shown to increase with age and depend on sex. Lastly, the intramuscular fatty acid composition is important for the nutritional value of the meat, thus, while optimizing the amount of IMF in beef, the composition of the fat is of specific interest.



The aim is to provide knowledge on the effect of genotype, age and sex on IMF, intramuscular fatty acid composition and meat quality of beef.


Research outline

In this study we analyze the meat quality of different crossbred calves (beef sire x dairy cow), by measuring the color, pH, tenderness, the amount of IMF and the intramuscular fatty acid composition.


Partners of collaboration

  • Frontmatec A/S
  • Danish Crown Beef

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