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Emil Madsen

Cand.polyt., Ph.d.-studerende

Emil Madsen
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Project title:
Joint Dynamics and Adaptive Feedforward Control of Lightweight Industrial Robots

Project description:
Universal Robots is a world leader in collaborative robots which they develop, manufacture and sell. These robots can work safely alongside human co-workers in collaborative ways because they respect some safety standards, unlike traditional industrial robots that need to be fenced off away from humans.

Universal Robots seeks to further enhance the speed, precision, and safety of their robots. Mechanical wear, temperature changes, etc. do however introduce uncertainties and disturbances to the governing mathematical models.

This project aims to improve the robot performance by; 1) developing an accurate mathematical description of the joint flexibility and friction, and 2) designing a new controller architecture enabling the robot to monitor and evaluate its performance and use this information to adapt to changes. The findings from this project should be implemented as a software update on existing and future robots, making this approach extremely valuable.

Supervisor: Associate Professor Xuping Zhang

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