Ebba Nexø

professor emerita, Professor Emerita

Curriculum Vitae

Ebba Nexo (Born: 04-10-1943)


Working place:
Dep. Clin. Biochem, Aarhus University Hospital. 



 1981 Specialist in clinical biochemistry.

 1978 Dr.Med.Sci: Transcobalamin I and other cobalamin binding proteins.

 1971 MD, Copenhagen, Denmark .



 2019- Professor emerita and PhD Counselor, Health, Aarhus University.

 2014-2018 Professor, Dep. Clin. Biochem., Aarhus University Hospital.

 1991- 2014 Chair, professor and consultant, Dep. Clin. Biochem., AUH.

 1984-91 Head of department, Centrallaboratory, Centralsygehuset, Hillerød.

 1977-79 Postdoc and Instructor, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA.

 1971-77, 79-84 Educational positions at Bispebjerg and Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen.


Other activities – amongst others:

 2015- Named person RCR, Health, Aarhus University.

 2012-2015 Member of Nordic Committee for Bioetics, NCBIO.

 2009-2013 Novo-Nordic Prize Committee.

 2008-2013 Evaluation group for NFR’s National Ph.D. Schools, Norway.

 2008-2011 Leader, the National PhD program LabMed, Health, Aarhus University.

 2006-2015 National Board of Health Committee on Health Planning in Denmark.

 2004-2012 Member of the board for the Kennedy Centre, Copenhagen.

 2004-2009 Board of The Danish Independent Research Council (vice chairman: 2005-09) (member of EUROHORC (steering committee 2009), member governing council ESF).

 2003-2006 Board for Cobento Biotech A/S (production of B12-proteins in plants).

 2002-2004 Chairman for the committee on Cancer and Research (KOF).

 2001-2002 Chairman for the National Committee on Gentechnology.

 2000 - Tasks for The Norwegian, Swedish and Italian Research Councils.

 1999-2004 The Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty.

 1995-2002 The Nordic Society for Clinical Chemistry. Chairman (1998-2002).

 1992-1998 The Danish Medical Research Council (MRC): Chairman (1995-8), vice chair for the Board of the Research Councils (Forskningsforum) (1997-8) Board of EUROHORC (1996-8), The Danish Research Council (1996-7), NASTRA (1994-5).

 1991-1995 Board of the Danish Society for Clinical Biochemistry.


Major research area: 

Cobalamin and its binding proteins: Since 1972 worked with cobalamin and its binding proteins. The work is part of 2doctoral (dr.med) degrees and 6 PhD degrees. Additional 1 PhD study is in progress. Has participated in EU projects, and was coordinator for one (2002- 2006) on holoTC. One ongoing Danish- Indian project. 

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) and its receptor: Since 1977 worked with various aspects of the EGF system, in particular in relation to cancer. The work is part of 5 doctoral (dr.med) degrees and 9 PhD studies. 

Trefoil factor (TFF)s: Since 1997 worked with measurement and characterization of TFF. The work is part of 2 PhD degrees.


~360 English peer reviewed papers, around 40 within the last 5 years, ~40 as first author and ~170 as last author. H-factor: 57.