Dominika Teigiserova


Dominika Teigiserova


Main supervisor: Marianne Thomsen

Co-supervisor: Lorie Hamelin, Toulouse Biotechnology Institue (TBI)

Contributing to projects:

This PhD is part of DECISIVE project ( on decentralized biowaste management.

CBIO (centre for circular bioeconomy)

As an extension, the PhD also supports the Make Planet Great Again project Cambioscope of co-supervisor Lorie Hamelin at TBI

Main objectives and content:

The main objective of my work is to support a transition to sustainable circular economy systems by focusing on food waste and food residue as a secondary resource. Food waste is a vast resource that can be used for various products from bioenergy (like biogas) to high-value products like enzymes, but also for direct consumption such as products made from residues (chips, pulp cakes, beer from bread waste). Here, examples of biorefineries from scientific literature, but also companies around Europe were analyzed and gathered in a quantitative manner to enable comparison and support industrial ecology possibilities.

Though food waste is recognized as a major problem globally there are very few guidelines and frameworks created for food waste. Therefore, new and updated frameworks have been proposed in this PhD project, such as updated waste hierarchy, closing the loop in the supply chain for food waste, as well as clarified food waste categories, all aimed to integrate the context of strong sustainability.

The Ph.D. has a multidisciplinary approach integrating knowledge from chemical and environmental engineering, environmental science, but also use social studies and marketing to act as a bridge to a vast amount of knowledge. This research also includes stakeholder analysis for the Decisive project.

According to the previously identified examples and frameworks, as well as industrial ecology, a case study was picked for further economic and environmental assessment. This study integrates the scale-up process to obtain more detailed inventories for life cycle assessment (LCA) and economic evaluation. This research has been performed in collaboration with the TBI.


Ph.D. online-based course on Circular Bioeconomy. Creating a curriculum, lectures, and evaluating assignments.

Teaching activities: Teaching start-ups in EU projects like ENFORCES ( and ESSENCE (

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