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Darius-Aurel's research is dedicated to exploring the intersection of life and technology in the future, with a specific emphasis on unraveling the dynamic interplay among marketing, innovation, and sustainability. His scholarly contributions have been featured in prestigious journals spanning various disciplines, such as Nature Human Behavior, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Information Technology & People, Psychology & Marketing, and the British Journal of Management.

Samarbejder og Formidling

Darius-Aurel is co-founder of the Danish Innovation Index (DII), the first consumer-based ranking of the most innovative firms in Denmark. DII is in a cooperation with the Innovation Index Coalition, which includes more than six countries that have implemented the index. The Innovation Index was developed at the Norwegian School of Economics, NHH in 2006.


Darius-Aurel is offering instructions across a variety of courses and academic levels, spanning PhD, BSc, and MSc programs. His recent teaching portfolio encompasses subjects such as marketing, brand management, consumer behavior in retail settings, industrial organization and strategy, and sustainable production and consumption - the cross-disciplinary challenge. Additionally, in collaboration with NHH, Darius-Aurel contributes to a PhD course focused on the front lines of adoption of digital and AI-based services.

Eksterne ansættelser

Visiting Researcher, Duke University

1 jan. 201931 maj 2019


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  • Marketing og strategi
  • Innovation
  • Teknologiopfattelse


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